Randi Weingarten and Stand for Children find common cause? Strange bedfellows indeed.

Of all the people in the world – aside from Betsy DeVos herself – that AFT President Randi Weingarten could pick to co-author an op-ed piece for the Los Angeles Times with, she chose Stand for Children’s Jonah Edelman.

Good lord.

Fresh off of a tour of schools with the Secretary of Education, Weingarten sat down with the guy responsible for Illinois’ destruction of tenure, seniority and bargaining rights to criticize vouchers.

Not that vouchers aren’t worthy of going after.

But Jonah Edelman?

This is the best co-author Randi could come up with?

Weingarten has a history of this kind of thing. Like when she invited Bill Gates to address the AFT convention.

And stood there grinning as her loyalty oath-signing delegates did a nah, nah, goodbye to those teacher delegates of principle who walked out in protest.

Edelman, you may recall, was the brains and money behind Illinois’ attack on public school unions. He was forced to make a public apology after I posted a video of his talk at the Aspen Institute explaining how he bamboozled the state’s teacher unions into supporting the anti-union law.

That infamous video is at the top of this post.

It seems he hasn’t lost the bamboozle talent.

Vouchers are just one part of the DeVos agenda, and arguably not even the biggest threat. They do work well into the DeVos desire to have the government pay for religious schools and grant the wealthy more entitlements.

Compare Randi’s version of a united front strategy of fighting the DeVos agenda to that of the Chicago Teachers Union which announced their talks to merge the CTU with ChiACTs, the charter school teachers union.

Chicago has been called the epicenter of charter union organizing by charter advocates.

That is a definite unintended compliment.

Bill Gates, Betsy DeVos and now Jonah Edleman.

Laying down with dogs.

5 Replies to “Randi Weingarten and Stand for Children find common cause? Strange bedfellows indeed.”

  1. This Is How the Biggest Companies Cheated on Taxes in 2016 @alternet

    …The mayor of Chicago and governor of Illinois are blaming each other for the Chicago Public School budget crisis, and Illinois colleges are in constant danger of being shut down. But Illinois lost over a billion dollars in 2016 tax revenue to 10 of its largest companies, which according to their own records paid just 1.8% of their profits in state taxes, about a quarter of the required amount.

    Yet it’s the children and the taxpayers who bear the burden of reform. Illinois has the highest educational revenue shortfall among the 50 states, and it cut higher education spending by over 50% from 2008 to 2016. Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the nation. The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy named Illinois one of the 10 “Most Regressive State Tax Systems,” with the third-highest “Taxes on the Poor.”

    But no mention of the tax avoiders. Just 10 of them would have contributed an additional $1.1 billion to Illinois educational needs, if they had paid what they owe….


  2. “Karen Lewis, who is head of the Chicago Teacher’s Union is a die-hard militant….” This guy, Edelman, is cold and dangerous.

  3. Jonah Edelman is an anomaly. He is the Michael J. Fox/Alex Keaton character in the 1980s sit-com Family Ties. Remember? Alex was the conservative, Wall Street-watching son of the liberal Keatons, both of whom had been “hippies” & protesters in the ’60s. Edelman is the son of the liberal journalist & author Peter Edelman. His mother, of course, is Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund and mentor of the young Hillary Rodham Clinton. Stand for Children started off in a good way (Jonah’s mother was even on the board), but things quickly went bad (a good article on this is in Rethinking Schools, which I’d obtained from a link on the PURE {Parents United for Responsible Education}website), & Mom resigned.

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