Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Episode #18.



The Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers Episode #18 is up and downloadable.

We met up with singer Sima Cunningham over at Bridgeport Coffee at 31st and Morgan.

She came strolling down 31st street with a guitar on her back. She had enough time to grab a coffee (maybe it was a cappuccino) and a bagel with too little cream cheese. But, look. It’s Bridgeport. The coffee is good even if the bagels are needy.

Over at the Lumpen Radio station producer Jamie Trecker was waiting.

So was Rabbi Brandt Rosen of the Tzedek congregation and regional director of the American Friends Service Committee.

And then in came Pastor Tom Gaulke (rhymes with sea gull kee). His religious home is Bridgeport at the First Lutheran Church of the Trinity.

I guess you could call him our neighborhood pastor since it is right around the corner from the Lumpenradio station.

We were fortunate enough to get Sima Cunningham to sing three beautiful songs with her beautiful voice.

Pastor Tom and Rabbi Brandt are in the social justice mold of Reverend William Barber of the North Carolina Moral Monday Movement.

We talked some about the budget fight in Springfield.

And we talked about the fight for justice around the country.

“Do you guys ever just sit around, have a beer and talk theology,” brother Mike asked.

They both looked at each other and laughed.

Best. Show. Ever.

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