There is no adequacy AND no equity in any funding formula in a state that refuses to raise revenue and tax the rich.

Darkest red with lower-priced homes often overvalued
From 2009 through 2015, homes were:
Overvalued by 10% or more
Overvalued by less than 10%
Neither overvalued nor undervalued
Undervalued by less than 10%
Undervalued by 10% or more (Chicago Trib)

Beth Purvis is the high priced (annual salary: $250,000) education advisor to Governor Rauner. Over the weekend she said that even though her boss likes 90% of the legislature’s school funding bill, Rauner will probably veto it.


Purvis says the Governor thinks it favors Chicago unfairly.

That rings true. Anything that funds the needs of poor kids in Chicago is ripe for a veto by Rauner.

Plus it helps CPS pay back teacher pensions that they have ripped off for dozens of years. That is a penison that goes to union teachers.

Rauner doesn’t like that either.

There is plenty that smells about this school funding bill. None of the smelly part has to do with sending more dollars back to Chicago.

Chicago and Cook County have most of the poor students in the state and the state has always underfunded our schools.

The Democrats who support the bill have thrown in the towel on adequate funding. They will not fight for a revenue system adequately funding the state’s schools or anything else.

This is aside from the scandal of three years without a budget.

The other reason for Rauner vetoing a bill he supports is that he is using that threat to get Democrats to cave on the budget issues.

The Democrats who support the bill say that they are moving dollars to those districts, Chicago and downstate, whose are forced to rely on local property taxes to pay for public schools.

This is a fundamentally evil system that provides adequate funding for schools to those who are rich enough to have the dollars to pay for them.

But this bill does nothing to address this lack of adequacy. It is like cutting a cup cake into bigger and smaller sizes when what is needed is a big multi-layer cake of funding. They are re-dividing the crumbs.

Adequate funding can only come when the wealthy pay their share for all the state’s schools.

Do not miss this weeks report in the Tribune on Democratic Boss and Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios and the way Cook County taxes favor the wealthy and punish the poor.

You can’t have real equity without adequacy.

The Democrats who sponsor and support Senate Bill  1 swear there will be $3.5 Billion in new money over the next decade.

From where?

It appears that what they are doing is moving direct and dedicated state dollars that would go to special education teachers and moving it to block grants that can be spent on anything local districts call special education but may not be special education. 

The education bill funds special education based on the number of general education students, not the number of students with disabilities.

The sad facts are these: This is a flawed bill from the viewpoint of adequate education funding and support for special education students. That’s not why Rauner will veto it, however. He will veto it because it doesn’t punish Chicago enough. Even without a veto there is no budget for state school funding next year.

It’s a mess with plenty of blame to go around in Springfield.

5 Replies to “There is no adequacy AND no equity in any funding formula in a state that refuses to raise revenue and tax the rich.”

  1. The right thing always seem to throw more $ at the problem, which ends up who knows where.
    It’s time for the whole country to have a conversation about the functional poor in this country, how to help them help themselves and get off this track we are on. Unions will be of absolutely no help here, not enough in it for them. Education that works is only part of the answer.

  2. Why is providing for the neediest of our folks called “throwing money at a problem”? But we never call spending trillions on war and the military “throwing money at a problem”? If schools need money, throw it. Have Market Days for the military.

    1. Wonder if we’d be having this conversation if it were mandated that all elected officials must have their children attend public schools in the districts they represent.

  3. JUNE 12, 2017


    There is only one state of Illinois. The historical divide of Chicago, Collar Counties, and “down state” , fails to serve all citizens of Illinois.

    A quality education is a right for all students in Illinois. State taxes along with real estate property taxes, are the instruments for providing public school education.

    To view public money going to Chicago to support public school education as “unfair favor “, only serves to divide the one State of Illinois.

    Yours in education,

    Dr. Charles W. Birch, public school teacher

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