Nothing planned.


Graphic: Leigh Klonsky


I turn 69.

I have nothing planned to mark the day.


When I retired five years ago

people asked me, “How will you fill your days

when you have nothing else planned?”


A problem solved.


Fighting pension theft.

I walk the dog.

All that keeps me busy enough.


“But Trump’s a distraction,” people tell me.

From what?

I have nothing else planned.

Except  to walk the dog.


The truth is I had nothing else planned when I was 18


Or when I was 24.

Or 35.

Or 50.

Something always managed to turn up.

An injustice.

A war.

A picket line.

A strike.


Some required planning.


Often shit just happens.


Some things are distractions.


some things become sparks that start a fire

when nothing else was planned.


Before I retired we had a dog walker.

That is my job now.

I plan for it every morning at around 10:30.

Next year I will turn 70.

And so far I have nothing else planned.

13 Replies to “Nothing planned.”

  1. Congratulations. Same here, stuff pops up:

    Teachers Continue Lawsuit Against State For Underfunded … As Gov. Matt Bevin mulls whether to call a special session to deal with the state’s ailing pension system and tax structure, a class action lawsuit brought against …

    As we wait to see if Gov. Bevin keeps his word about a special session.


    1. Randy–sorry to hear the Kentucky gov. is giving you grief RE: your pensions, & good for your efforts to stop this. As usual, “not paying pension” fever is sweeping the country. Louisiana just finished their G.A. session without passing a budget (HUGE mess left by “Bobby” {not his real name}Big Head {inflated ego–ran for prez. on a piss-poor record–wouldn’t expand Medicaid in LA just because of his opposition to Obama–so, of course, SO many people suffered} Jindal. Dem. Gov. John Bel Edwards trying to fix, but they’re in deep down there.)
      I remember ILL-Annoy getting on the “no pension for you!” bandwagon after now-Gov. Gina Raimondo (Rhode Island; remember Central Falls?) was invited here by a right-wing financial “watch” group–one of the legislators here who attended her luncheon was a leader in pushing revocation of our pensions & the subsequent passage of the bill that would seal the deal (although it didn’t, as the bill was declared unconstitutional & struck down by the court).
      Best of luck to you in your lawsuit.

  2. Happy birthday, Fred! Best wishes & many thanks for the constant & much-needed information via your blog & “Hitting Left.” Not to be punny (oh, well, why not?!), but you cover a LOT of bases, enabling us to always be in the know.
    &–yeah, we all know–you share a birthday w/the prez.
    But–it’s also Flag Day.
    Wishing you many more happy & healthy birthdays!

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday, Fred! I beat you by two years and a week. I beat the current “occupant of the White House” by exactly one week. That’s much too close for comfort. I’m petitioning the court for a change of birthday to one in December, far enough from his. Wish you the best, Karl

  4. Cavanaugh-M promises an updated report according to the REAL GASB 67 and 68 accounting standards – in the near future. WHY waste a boatload of money on a study (this one) that is, in effect, a lie, a second set of books? SEE page 15 about the future report.


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