Fathers Day Sunday.

When you think about it, it’s kind of amazing that for all these years, there’s been schools named after the renowned union leader, Cesar Chavez, that resisted unionization and collective bargaining rights for teachers. Detroit’s Cesar Chavez Charter School was unionized back in 2013.

They called our arguments “preposterous”. DFER’s snarky response was, “No one’s holding a gun to their heads.” In other words, if teachers really wanted a union they would have one, or if they didn’t like the conditions at school like Chavez, they were free to leave and go elsewhere.

Turns out they really wanted one. Mike Klonsky’s Small Talk


Protesting against the verdict in the case against Philando Castile’s murderer in St. Paul, MN. Photo credit: Caroline Yang

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.11.29 AM


Chicago Puerto Rican Day parade. Division Street. Photo courtesy of Jesse Mumm.


Shortly after a special session of the Illinois General Assembly ended a couple weeks ago, Representative Daniel Biss described the failure to enact pension “reform” by the politicians assembled in Springfield this way:
“We all look like idiots.”
This line, widely reported, pretty much summed up the view held prior to the special session of roughly 800,000 working and middle class Illinois public employees who keep us safe, care for our sick and elderly, inspire our children, or generally ensure Illinois keeps working. But although this might be a great summation of a growing majority of those paying close attention to the actions of their elected representatives in Springfield, for me this line was more a glimpse into the esteem Springfield politicians hold the majority of people who elected them to office.
We look like idiots to them.
How else can candidates like Daniel Biss, who wants to be the next Democratic state senator from the ultra-deep blue north shore, think we won’t notice that his website describes “our promises of future Medicaid, pension, and retiree health benefits” – rather than an outdated flat tax system or corporate giveaways – as the focus of his “tough decisions” he’d make to fix Illinois’ structural budget deficit? Does he think we won’t notice that his five-point plan for “Jobs and the Economy” has as its first priority a corporate tax cut that subsidizes private sector labor costs with taxpayer dollars? Does he think we won’t notice there is no mention of the need for a graduated income tax, an end to corporate give away, or the reform of TIF district use?
Does Biss think we’re idiots? September 2012, Glen Brown’s blog


3 Replies to “Fathers Day Sunday.”

  1. Hopefully he will join his friend in retirement after he comes in behind the school superintendent from Madison country.

  2. Funny, I think that Sen. Biss has said that very same thing at the end of previous sessions…perhaps he’s said it almost every year since he’s been in the legislature, &, particularly, after the teachers’ pension “crisis” wasn’t “solved” (i.e., before the latter SB 1–Pension Buster Bill later declared unconstitutional {not to be confused w/the current SB 1, which was passed by both houses & includes the elimination of dedicated sp.ed. funding, along w/cuts to 25 other programs–which should get the schools the $350 million promised!!}). Giving him some credit, though, for voting against SB 16 &, on 5/31, voting NO on SB 1839, a bill that starts out good on it’s face, but also adds the eventual elimination of landlines (pushed by corporate giant AT & T), & some other bad internet & other balderdash to hurt consumers.
    Just one of many bills w/misleading names, starting out w/legislation that actually benefits the 99%, but, then adds some bad language…no, make that really bad.
    The Citizens Utility Board has sent out a “Take Action” e-mail alert whereby people can click on a message that will be sent to Gov. Rauner, asking him to veto this bill. If you didn’t receive one, call his office & ask him to veto.

  3. Oh, wait–I just noticed that the “We all look like idiots” comment was in Glen Brown’s post from 2012. Apologies.
    Guess my eyes are tired from the past 3 or so weeks of reading bills (& having to go back-&-forth between IL General Assembly & my.ilga.gov sites) committee members’ phone #s & reading/writing e-mails.

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