Middle school graduation and a travel day.

First there was the deluge.

Then came the rainbow over Coney Island as my granddaughter graduated with over 400 of her fellow middle school students last night.

And I mean the rainbow arched right over Coney Island.

In a covered open air arena a few steps from the Cyclone roller coaster and Nathan’s hot dogs.


The kids were great.

The school played a video tape of Nelson Figueroa, former Mets player, current sports announcer and alum.

“This past year has shown that anybody can be President. Anybody,” he told the students.

The assembled 1,400 parents and family members laughed.

Another DOE bureaucrat told the kids that they had just spent the last three years “mastering the standards,” only to be told by another that if they remembered just half of what they learned in middle school they would do fine.

A much lower bar. 

The DOE should make up its mind.

Of course, I may have been one of the few who was actually paying attention to what they had to say.

Among the students it was a mix of joy and sadness about moving on.

For a grandfather, it was a delight.

Worthy of a rainbow.

Now the plane home.


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