In GA6, Russia wins another one.

Gary Ossoff.

The Democratic Party establishment is running out of excuses for failure.

Yesterday they put their money – and lots of it – on a horse who ran no better than the the one I picked in the 8th race at Belmont on Fathers Day.

That one finished last too.

I haven’t heard the Russian interference excuse yet. But it is only the morning after. Give them a few days.

The Party bosses can’t use the we were out spent excuse. They picked this race in a normally Republican district to focus on, then raised and spent $25 million.

They can’t blame Bernie bros.

No Green Party.

The New York Times came up with a new one: Too many of the district’s voters with summer homes.

Questions also lingered about whether the grass-roots coalition backing Mr. Ossoff — fueled by highly motivated anti-Trump activists who were, in many cases, new to political activity and organizing — could improve on its April showing in a runoff held at the beginning of the summer vacation season, in a district where people have the means to escape to the beach.

There could be truth in that.

If the Party leadership feels closer to and competes with the Repugs for Republican voters, this is what they get.




6 Replies to “In GA6, Russia wins another one.”

  1. I have a friend who worked for Ossloff. She is devastated. I feel her pain. How anyone could be a repug at this point in the reign of a toxic clown is beyond me. And maybe that is the problem. The left and the middle cannot understand the thinking of the right. I don’t know. I do hope that the Dems start to groom better candidates than are out there now. Look at the gov. race in Illinois. Nothing palatable to most Dems is out there. A Priztger for gov? Really? The Dems better start meeting and getting some ideas since they are shut out in Washington and have nothing better to do.

  2. Trump fans are still Trump fans. They voted for Trump for a reason. They aren’t going to change their minds because the left gets so easily unhinged.

    1. Perhaps, Trump fans will change their minds once the (secret) Republican “health care” plan is passed, put into practice, and some of their relatives, perhaps children or aged parents, will die as a result of the atrocity Ryan, McConnell, Trump, and the rest of their malevolent, corrupt gang of Republican thugs on Capitol Hill are committing against them and the rest of the American people. Tragically, a considerable number of Trump voters who live in “red states” are thoroughly dependent on things like Medicaid or, God forbid, “Obamacare,” but just don’t seem to grasp that. That could change with “Republicancare,” “McConnellcare, Ryancare,” or simply “Trumpcare. That’s why McConnell is keeping the damn thing a secret, right? The current incarnation of “Republicancare” from Ryan’s House has a 17% nationwide approval rating. Not good, huh? To put “Republicans” and “health care” into the same sentence is the mismatch of the 21st century. The real match is “Republicans” and “tax cuts” for the wealthy on the backs of poor and elderly Medicaid recipients, but don’t tell them. Keep it a secret for as long as you can. That’s the real the plan, isn’t it?

      “McConnellcare” is only the Republican encore; the “best” is yet to come: privatization of Medicare and Social Security. You can then call it Ryancare.” I bet you’re waiting with bated breath for that one, aren’t you?

      What the hell is the “left?”

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