2 Replies to “Homeless.”

  1. I just saw this on the Daily Kos and thought it to be informative. Hey, Illinois is making national news! (Indiana does also and it is always negative.)

    Illinois: Rep. Dan Lipinski is one of the worst Democrats in the House. He supports amending the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage; he voted to overturn a regulation preventing states from withholding funds for Planned Parenthood; and he even reportedly sent some of his precinct workers to help a vocal pro-Trump mayor win re-election earlier this year. Lipinski’s district in the Chicago suburbs voted 55-40 for Clinton, so it can do much better, and marketing consultant Marie Newman is that better choice in next year’s Democratic primary.

  2. Homelessness is one of the worst disgraces in the “richest country on Earth!” I cringe every time I walk down State Street, Madison, or any other street in the vicinity where the social darwinian nature of our capitalist society is on full display. I can’t imagine the kinds of impressions visitors from abroad must have of Chicago, the “world class city,” when they see the wealth and ostentation of sky scrapers, Michigan Ave, the yachts at Monroe Street, the “Gold Coast,” etc. with the contradiction of numerous homeless human beings in the midst of such magnificence. Absolute perfection in any city, including ours, is never the issue, but can’t we strive for a bit of perfection by making an effort to take care of people who need help? Just asking…

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