Pension lesson.

5 thoughts on “Pension lesson.

  1. When I was hired at Lyons Township High School many years ago, very few teachers were hired straight out of college, and they were closely watched and guided for their first few years. I, as most newly hired teachers at LT, was chosen because, among other things, I had five years of teaching experience elsewhere. Today, of course, things have changed.

  2. Let’s compare the efficacy of a teacher who has taught for thirty years. He/she has undergone extensive staff development yearly to increase their skills both in general pedagogy and in his/her subject. Most districts insist that they move from the bachelorette level to a Masters degree level and beyond. The state has required that they be evaluated on a regular basis and prove instructional competency through state wide testing showing growth in achievement (I.e. IGAP, ISAT, Common Core, & IMAP). In the majority of cases the do not have aides or assistants to help them with paperwork or preparation.
    Now compare that to an Illinois legislator(Representative or Senator) who has served for thirty years in his/her position. How have they demonstrated that the have increased their knowledge and most of all their efficacy in their job. Typically, after serving a term of office for a term or two their status as an incumbent provides them with a tenure like status. During that time they receive a guaranteed salary, pension, travel expenses to and from work (legislative sessions). Often they receive other perks both legal and in some cases questionable. They do not have to work 180 days, nor even be present for votes. They face virtually no accountability for their performance on a regular or annual basis accept some criticism from the press. Finally, have aides to help them daily with their jobs.
    WHO HAS EARNED THEIR PENSION— the teachers or the legislators????

    1. Not necessarily an either/or question. They both earned their pensions. While there are a lot of bad legislators, for example (the ones taking Rauner campaign payoffs), there are many dedicated, hard working, honest legislators. Years back, the good legislators put the pension protection into the Illinois Constitution, and later passed the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act, which legalized collective bargaining for teachers. More recently bad legislators passed SB7 which basically allows administrators ways to get rid of good teachers without just cause by writing up phony bad evaluations. Then bad legislators legalized stealing money from local school districts to fund unlimited numbers of for profit charter schools. Then bad legislators tried to steal our pensions, which was thrown out by the Illinois Supreme Court. What needs to be done is not getting rid of legislators pensions. What needs to be done is to vote the bad legislators out of office, (along with their commander, Rauner).

      1. In fact, it was not legislators who inserted the pension protection clause into the state constitution. It was the result of the 1970 state constitutional convention. That is not to say who deserves or does not deserve a pension. But it must be pointed out that legislators of both parties were willing to violate their oath of office to uphold the law.

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