Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers episode #22.


I was still feeling low this morning about the death Thursday from cancer of my old friend Joan Kramer.

There was no question that I was going to talk about her on the show. I decided to read a blog post she had written. It was all about her cancer and Peoples Park in the 60s and health care now and terrorism and gentrification and racism.

It was so Joan.

I heard my voice crack when I finished. I can’t tell if you can tell.

Having Clem Balanoff and the union brothers and sisters from the Amalgamated Transit Workers was a good antidote for the blues.

The Balanoff family’s involvement in Chicago and Illinois progressive politics goes back 100 years.

Between the Klonsky family and the Balanoff family, we are well trained for getting in a word or two even in the most animated conversations.

Which we had today.

And the topping was Ken Franklin, President of the ATU Local who joined us at Lumpen Radio to talk about bargaining issues they have been discussing with their CTA bosses for 18 months.

Yesterday they took a strike readiness vote.

97% of the members voted that they were willing to strike.

That’s called power.

Best. Show. Ever.

Next Friday: Alderman and candidate for governor Ameya Pawar.

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