“I make the trains run on time,” says Rahm.

The Italian Fascist claimed he made the trains run on time. He didn’t, by the way.
No sooner had I pushed the publish button on my post about the stalled negotiations between the Mayor, the CTA and the transit workers union than I opened up the New York Times to find Mayor Rahm echoing the words of the Italian fascist, Benito Mussolini.

“In Chicago, the trains actually run on time,” the Mayor boasted.

What is the deal with the obsession with the fascist Mussolini and the Rahm administration?

A few years back the Tribune, which loved the fascist back when Benito was still around, suggested a Mussolini-like turnaround guy for the school system.

CPS desperately needs a turnaround specialist. It needs deft financial management.

The people hired to take on corporate salvation projects have to have “Mussolini-like powers to execute and implement,” turnaround expert Bill Brandt of Development Specialists Inc. tells us.

Perhaps it was Il Duce’s use of slave labor that the Mayor admires.

His Second Chance program for non-violent ex-offenders to clean the busses and trains is awfully close to the slave labor of the Italian dictator.

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