4 Replies to “Socialists from New York. I’m pretty sure that means Jews.”

  1. Or else he’s simply referring to Bernie Sanders, albeit a Jew, but longtime removed from New York. OR–he’s thinking that Sanders (a Socialist Jew)–has gone to New York, gathered a whole bunch of Socialist Jews, & is planning to invade Ohio, w/the intent of helping Ohio residents actually KEEP their healthcare.
    And not die.
    How dare them!!

  2. &–yes–an e-mail from the Sanders camp states that, indeed, Ohio was one of a number of states Sanders appeared in–at a “well-attended” rally.
    “Well attended” meaning by Ohio residents.
    And NOT a “handful” of Socialist Jews.

  3. Some of us would really welcome Socialists (of WHATEVER background) in our neighborhood…please consider becoming a migrant/refugee to Illinois!

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