6 Replies to “A new definition of patriotism.”

  1. We are really becoming a gross society at all levels and the ones that were decying social decline the fundies are a major cause of it….the good news is the human species may have made itself infertile.

  2. I was really concerned to hear one Baby commander say he would fire bikes on the orders of this nut. Remember Nuremberg?.Its time to get worried. Back to pensions. I wondered why these wall street PE and Hedge fund characters suddenly turned on their biggest investor…..well I dont think we are. Based on Bill Bidders testimony there has been a trillion looted from Russia and we are the top destination. He put Putin’s wealth at 200 billion. These odd partnerships have grown like crazy in the last decade. I think they ditched us for money laundering?

  3. That was me earlier posting the Mooches income. A large number of those making over a million a year her it from entities like this. Hedge or Private equity or in the case of Trump. The massivly old wealth families like the Pritzgers put their money in similar entities but the surge in growth of private business income seems to be coming from the Mooches and Rauners. Where do these guys get the capital to feed off of …well a lot from our pensions and I think our pension funds ought to require disclosure but I suspect that a lot of this is coming from overseas.people making over 2 million are making a quarter of all private business income . Total business income is at 950 billion up from 650 billion 10 years ago.They are also half of all capital gains and paying little in tax. These people are a threat to our pensions and maybe national security. We need through our pensions power to demand more information from them. To compare the average business income in the top 3 percent is 100000 a year. That is not poor but it includes their labor income. These are normal small business. Below that it’s uber drivers.

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