4 Replies to “Mooch.”

  1. Either possessive of wealth in material terms (as in capitalism), or in terms of power (as in Stalin-esque socialism/communism). Just a question of how it’s gained and maintained: through earnings (capitalism), or force (Marxist violent overthrow of capitalist institutions, and involuntary redistribution of what’s-left-of-wealth).

    Have an alternative, Fred?

    1. Wealth is not created by the rich. Wealth is created by those who work and labor. There would be wealth whether there are the rich or not.

  2. I have to disagree with both of you you about the current crop of rich. Most seem to be frkmbsome firm of financial slimming off pension funds and even worse foreign money laundering.I am basing this on IRS data on Capital Gains and partnership and s corp income. 80 to 90 percent in the top million taxpayers. The business owners below that are little better off than their workers If they have any.

  3. Folks being rich is, in itself, not the problem. It is the attitudes of many rich toward the non-rich (especially the poor) and the harsh, cruel actions toward others that is the concern in my opinion. Perhaps being rich engenders these actions attitudes and cruelties. “After all, if I can be rich why can’t everyone else?”

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