Health care. What now?

Yesterday social media was full of comments about sucking cock.

It seemed like only yesterday that parents were complaining that they couldn’t let their kids watch the TV news because of so much talk of grabbing pussy.

Now the main discussion is whether the newspapers can actually print the word “cock” or just “c***”.

The New York Times went with the full monty.

Parents raising children under the Trump administration seem to have learned to deal with this.

Maybe not.

For me the nightly news is must see TV.

Last night word came that the apparently final attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act by the Republicans had failed.

Another big debate then broke out on social media over whether the self-styled maverick John McCain should get credit for the decisive vote or two Republican women senators.

On this morning’s radio show, Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers, I shared this analysis that I first read on my daughter’s Facebook page:

Thank you to the tireless phone callers, the texters and the emailers. Thank you to the protesters, the die-in participants, the office blockers, the sit-inners, and the senate floor shouters. Thank you to the disability rights activists, the health care workers, the HIV+ and AIDS fighters, the medical students, and to every one who killed the bill.

After seven years of foreplay, Trump and the Republicans could not deliver the goods to their base and their patrons.

The real victory belongs neither to McCain or Collins, but to The Resistance.

Now what?

Do the Democrats stand pat and just let the Republicans run in 2018 on this failed presidency and failing legislative agenda?

It could work, I suppose.

Or will the progressive Democrats push for more? Like a healthcare system that looks more like Medicare and less like the Affordable Care Act. The ACA always seemed to me to be more like something the Republicans would have liked if they weren’t so blinded by Obama-hatred.

The temptation among even progressive Democrats to stand pat and let the Republicans self destruct is powerful. The unexpected Trump election victory understandably frightens many who view another Democratic Party internal fight as too risky.

I understand the fear.

But I can’t help but see this as an opportunity.

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