Hitting left with the Klonsky Brothers episode #25.

20369581_10213195691664872_2126707291794573358_o (1)

“Can I do the opening this time?” I asked my brother.

It’s pretty simple. You announce the station identification. Our producer, Jamie Trecker, hits the Steve Earle audio of Satellite Radio. One of our guests (this week John Daley) says who they are and that you are listening to Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. After Steve Earle I’m supposed say a brief thing about how we’re broadcasting from the always sunny neighborhood of Bridgeport on Chicago’s south side.

Easy enough, right?

My brother Mike always does it.

And I get to bring us in from the half break and I do thanks at the end over the great Linda Boyle singing, “Which Side Are You On?”

But I have never done the opening and I have been gone on a trip for two weeks. I thought it would be fun to do the opening.

Y’know. Just once.

My brother said it was fine. I asked if he was sure. He said he was sure it was okay.

And I screwed it up.

You can’t tell because our producer, Jamie Trecker, works magic. But trust me. I screwed it up.

Our guests this week are John Daley of the Bridgeport Daleys and Niketa Brar and Elizabeth Greer who talks with us about school closings and National Teachers’ Academy.

We were guests on John Daley’s Lumpen Radio show a couple of weeks ago and he agreed to join us on our show to talk about his neighborhood and a little bit about Trump and Democratic Party politics.

For some reason which, for the life of me I don’t understand, CPS wants to close a high- performing elementary school, the National Teachers Academy, which serves mainly African American kids on Chicago’s south side.

Parents, teachers and the community found out about the closing for the first time reading about it in a DNAinfo article

Oh, wait a minute.

Maybe I do understand.

I mean, this is being done by the Mayor of Chicago who has closed more public schools attended by African Americans than anybody in all of American history.

What’s one more?

This is an important show.

Next week, Senator Dan Biss.

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