Rauner’s education funding veto has Chicago as its main target.


There is no question what Illinois’ governor had as his main target when he vetoed SB1, the school funding bill.

The govenor’s fire is directed right at CPS, a school district that serves a huge percentage of the state’s poor and students of color.

As I have written, there was plenty wrong with SB1.

It was always a bill that forced school districts to do more with too little while claiming to provide equity.

It was the equity of inadequacy.

And as I have reported, the bill would have done away with direct and dedicated funding for special education teachers which has already been true of Chicago.

But none of that is why Rauner vetoed this bill.

He said he agreed with 90% of it.

This is all about punishing CPS, a system whose students and families are already badly served by the Mayor and an unelected school board that has mismanaged the system and literally stolen from it.

Funding must be provided now to open the state’s public schools and keep them open.

And then a revenue system must be created that no longer relies on local property taxes to pay for our children’s schools.

The inequality inherent in a system that bases the quality of a students education on their zip code and therefore their skin color must come to an end.

The responsibility for this falls on the Democratic Party majority in Springfield.

Those Democrats seeking leadership of the state must be held accountable.

2 Replies to “Rauner’s education funding veto has Chicago as its main target.”

  1. It’s ironic that this same governor who pulled all kinds of shady, shifty strings to get his child into one of the top rated high schools in the state, a CPS HS that he deemed better than New Trier, would now want to punish that same system.

  2. He should (Rauner)as all who run for office, be required to retake the Illinois State Constitution test and the results should be public. David’s idea.

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