SB1 compromise would expand vouchers.


Will a compromise on school funding lead to a massive introduction of vouchers in Illinois?

Talk is that the Democrats, led by Speaker Michael Madigan, are willing to give Rauner what he wants on this issue in order, they say, to get state money to local districts  and open schools in a few weeks.

Steve Brown represents Speaker Madigan. He has said that the Speaker is open to suggestions by State Sen. Jason Barickman to the possibility of expanding vouchers in Illinois big time.

Barickman, speaking on WBEZ’s Morning Shift, said he wants the creation of a new scholarship program that lets students choose which school to attend — including private or parochial schools.

Madigan, who technically represent a south side district, is often viewed as state rep for the Archdiocese of Chicago, and the scholarship program could increase the number of students enrolled in parochial schools.

11 thoughts on “SB1 compromise would expand vouchers.

  1. Very sad, these democratic state legislators pushing privatization while not suffering the consequences of their actions because they run unapposed

  2. So now you are against scholarships Fred?
    This program would not, repeat not, take $ from public schools, so what’s the beef? We are in it for the kids, remember!!!!

    1. Public schools receive funding based on enrollment period. Schools will definitely be effected. The less students the less money the fewer teachers the fewer programs …..will we know who is teaching our kids? Who is responsible for curriculum? How much control will the BOE have over private institutions? Beyond all of this I still believe in separation of church and state. If people desire private education they should have to pay for it. Will our taxes also subsidize posh prep and the away schools of the wealthy? How can we not under this new voucher system? Vouchers will not cover the cost of traditional private schools so not every child will have access to the best schools. The current public school system needs fixing but this is not the answer. Vouchers produce for profit institutions. How will Illinois provide vouchers for education plus profit when they can not currently fund our existing institutions. The public needs to know what charter schools are receiving private donations in the millions, such as Chi Arts. Is that producing equal education. Just too many questions need to be addressed before the state and country jumps into this pool. Let’s look at who benefits financially from this program and who is behind this new ideology. I don’t want some ultra conservative think tank pushing this decision

  3. This is why there is a toxic clown in the white house. The Democrats just do not get it. Public money needs to go to public schools. This country was built by products of public schools. The whole point of this bill is to make public education in Illinois more equal. Parochial schools are fine for those who want them. But they should not receive public money. If the Dems support this change, they will have problems in the next election. Again. Because they just do not get it. I hope they do not give in to this hideous governor.

  4. Every dollar put into private schools (of all kinds, not just religious) is a dollar taken away from other State activities. can-earn-you-a-profit.html
    if taxpayers make a $20,000 donation
    to a scholarship organization,
    they not only get a $20,000 state tax credit,
    but a federal tax deduction valued up to $7,000.

    The donor could pay $27,000 less in taxes
    based on a $20,000 donation.

  5. Pricey private schools are not available to poor kids, even with voucher assistance. Why not put some effort into helping improve public schools? They are a uniting force in neighborhoods and are run locally.

    I would not want my tax dollars going to a religious school that teaches the earth is 6,000 years old and people rode dinosaurs.
    The Right Wing in America Has Long Tried to Destroy ‘Government Schools’…AlterNet

    Historian Nancy MacLean, author of the best-selling “Democracy in Chains,” argues that privatizing public education is a dream of the radical right dating back to the segregationist South.
    By Jennifer Berkshire / AlterNet

  6. Urgent question: Is the Friedman Foundation (EdChoice) or its leader Robert Enlow involved in the pro voucher advicacy on this? They’ve made a mess of the Indiana tax credit scholarship program. The corporation laundering the donations was dissolved while routing millions through. Not disclosed.

    1. Do you have a link to this information? I’m from Indiana and would like to send corporate money laundering information to my state senator and state representative concerning the Indiana tax credit scholarship program.

      I’ve been regularly protesting the damage they have been doing to Indiana students and teachers.

  7. As a teacher with Chicago Public Schools for 28 years, I sent my own children to private school as do 39% of CPS teachers according to the Chicago Tribune. In my case, at least part of the reason was that I am Catholic and I really did not like the left wing ideology and values that I saw being taught (or not taught) in CPS Schools.

    What everyone is calling “public money” comes from private money taken out of taxpayers’ pockets. When a parent chooses to send their kids to private school a portion of the taxes that they pay still goes to public schools. In Chicago, once Charter Schools began popping up, public school enrollments began to fall. Vouchers are not going to impact public schools as much their critics would have you think.

    Only a small percentage of parents whose children currently attend public school are going to take advantage of vouchers. In many cases, vouchers do not cover the whole tuition. Furthermore, many public school parents are unwilling or unable to keep up with the strict requirements of attendance, grades and parent involvement at private schools. This is also the same reason why Charter Schools wind up with better students, because the parents who simply don’t care will not even make the effort to get their kids into charters.

    In my case I am exempt from the residency requirement for CPS teachers since I started so long ago. But even so, I never moved to the suburbs like many Chicagoans did. I chose to remain in Chicago and part of the reason was that I was able to afford to send my kids to private school. Everyone, even low income parents should have that option. What are we so afraid of in public schools? Perhaps if CPS did a better job educating Chicago’s kids then Charters and Vouchers would not be a threat.

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