Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers episode #26.

Our 26th episode of Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Neil, our producer this week, heads back to school next week. Senator Dan Biss joined us for a animated conversation about his race for Illinois Governor.

Today’s radio show and podcast marks six months since we first started this gig.

Today we were joined in studio by State Senator Daniel Biss. He is running for governor in the Democratic Primary to decide who defeats Bruce Rauner in the general election.

Senator Dan Biss and I have a history.

He was the voice of pension theft in the state senate.

Representative Elaine Nekritz was the leader of pension theft in the state house. She is retiring, thank goodness.

Senator Biss says he made a mistake about his role in passing an unconstitutional pension bill.

He seems now to have staked out a position on the left on the spectrum of those running for the Democratic Party nomination. That’s fine.

But I believe in something called Movement electoral politics.  That means that my experience has taught me that no matter what a candidate says, their role in an election as a progressive should be to help build a Movement that remains after the election is over and done. That should be true if they win or if they lose.

As I pointed out to Senator Biss, the two best examples of that kind of electoral campaign – both negative and positive – are Trump (and the despicables) on the Right and the Bernie Movement on the Left.

So, while Senator Biss and I can agree on issues more than we disagree, I keep asking how all this is connected to a building a Movement.

And I’m still asking.

I thank him for joining the conversation on our show.


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