Sunday, the start of the dog days of summer.

Progressive and actor, Cynthia Nixon, may challenge Cuomo.


This week’s cartoons:




This week’s Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers and guest Senator Daniel Biss:

This week, The Klonskys talk to Senator Daniel Biss about his gubernatorial bid, his position on state pensions and charter schools and much, much more in a candid and forthright discussion. Listen for the musical joke at the break. And Jamie quit! Neil does a better job than that guy anyway.




Every article, every interview, and every legislative session about Illinois public pension reform should begin with these statements: The public pension systems were not, and are still not, the cause of the state’s budget deficits. The state’s budget deficits were triggered by past policymakers’ corruption, arrogance and irresponsibility: the main reasons why the State of Illinois has revenue and pension debt problems.

Past Illinois General Assemblies have created the severe unfunded liability for the five public employees’ retirement systems over several decades. The legitimacy of the current Illinois General Assembly is dubious. The current state government is attempting to isolate and sacrifice one group of people for hardship and, for many of these public employees, create a dispossession by way of intentionally-diminishing laws while perpetuating special exceptions and windfalls for the wealthy elite. This is a mockery of justice, Daniel Biss.

It is critical that today’s policymakers protect legitimate expectations and concerns for all the state’s citizenry, especially for people who must be defended against those with excessive economic clout and inequitable schemes to pass prejudicial legislation that benefits the financial elite at the expense of everyone else.

-Glen Brown,  March 27, 2013

Posted by Glen as a comment to yesterday’s blog post.

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