It’s like if Napleton Cadillac ran CPS.

I received a lot of reaction from decent people offended by the memo I posted here that Napleton Cadillac sent out to their striking mechanics.

The striking mechanics were told they would be replaced and “if they made an unconditional offer to return to work,” they would be “placed on a list should an opening occur.”

CPS sent out a similar memo yesterday when they announced the firing of 1000 employees, including 360 teachers.

They didn’t actually call it “firing.”  The 1000 employees including 360 teachers were “impacted.”

Schools were “impacted.”

Students were “impacted.”

The disruption to teachers, schools and students by these August staffing impactions is huge.

As a way of comparison, for school districts outside of Chicago, certified staff must be notified that they are being released due to reduction in force (RIF) 45 days prior to the last day of student attendance.

In our contract, we made it 60 days.

In Chicago, teachers get three weeks notice. Period.

7 Replies to “It’s like if Napleton Cadillac ran CPS.”

  1. I thought that by law, teacher RIF decisions were required a minimum of 45 days before the last day of the prior school year. Is CPS empowered to make such decisions in August, along with running their own separate teacher pension system ?

    1. Yes they can. No law seems to supersede the power of CPS. They do what they want. As far as the pension fund, the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund is the oldest pension fund in Illinois. Over 100 years old. And thankfully it is not run by CPS. It is run down by CPS when they got help from the state so that they did not have to pay into this pension fund (employers part) for over 20 years. But now that they are being forced to pay into the fund, they are screaming. Our pension fund was 100% until Daley began to raid the funds owed to CTPF by CPS. We are now down to 50% funded. We are separate from TRS and will fight tooth and nail to stay separate. We see how the state treats TRS and it is even worse than the way it treats the CTPF. So far.

  2. Nice of you to point out this Napleton is not the Napleton most people think of, but just one isolated dealership. You did run the correction once, but maybe you forgot . . .

  3. I have heard that over 700 teachers and paraprofessionals are affected. So that means that 350 paras will be losing their jobs. Underpaid but greatly needed in schools, I cannot imagine how schools will function without them. Another example of how CPS has no clue how schools actually work. If they are balancing a budget by eliminating paras and clerks, schools will absolutely not function. Teachers cannot do it all. I doubt forrest or rahmonster have eliminated any positions within their staff structure. CPS and rahm have no clue. Or perhaps they do. Perhaps their real goal is to destroy public education in Chicago. Sorry kids. We tried to teach you but they wouldn’t let us.

  4. With Network staff bulging, they cut classroom staff. Always. Why does NY and LA manage with spending less than $100 per student for district admin and CPS more than $375 per? Cut the tyrant Networks.

  5. Fred, I am at a loss for words. A sociopath president, an egomaniac mayor, and a yes man “managing” CPS with a non-elected school board. My mother had a good saying and it still holds true today, even if there are no more asylums: ” The inmates are running the asylum.” We are screwed.

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