Sleep well?

Rex stops in Guam and tells us to sleep well.

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson said on Wednesday that Americans should not be concerned about an imminent threat from North Korea, despite Trump’s threats of fire and fury.

“I think Americans should sleep well at night, have no concerns about this particular rhetoric of the last few days,” Mr. Tillerson said as his plane stopped on the way back to the United States to refuel in Guam.

The New York Times reporter said that Trump’s language was unprecedented.

Well. At least since George W. Bush’s shock and awe bombing of Baghdad.

Iraq didn’t involve the use of nuclear weapons, although upwards of a million people died in that war depending on who did the counting.

A war based on the lie of weapons of mass destruction.

Nobody lies like Trump lies. A recent poll reports that three quarters of the American people don’t believe a word Trump says.

By every estimate, if this confrontation leads to military and nuclear conflict the Iraq death toll will seem small.

We can follow Rex Tillerson’s advice and sleep well.

Is it me or have the streets seemed quiet lately?

I’m ready to join others, fill those streets with people wide awake saying, “No war!”

11 Replies to “Sleep well?”

  1. Nobody is lied about like Trump is lied about.

    Ahh – a bit closer to the truth.

    That “poll” something you took on your radio show set?

      1. Indeed, Fred. I was recently reading something (or, perhaps, it was a documentary seen) whereby talking heads were discussing survival (which could be achieved by merely hiding under one’s school desk, aka “duck & cover”) in the event of nuclear war. As one said, “Who would want to survive in the world left?” &, to make the point, another, “What world?!”
        Yet TWO world leaders (&, most unfortunately, one is ours) rattle their weapons.
        As if.

  2. Both Trump and the leader of N. Korea are unstable. Let’s hope that tRump doesn’t decide to act more Presidential by unleashing a power that will kill millions. He is not to be trusted.
    The Day Has Finally Arrived: America’s Pathological Liar-in-Chief Has Threatened North Korea With Nuclear Annihilation
    “We’re in uncharted waters.”
    By Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet
    August 8, 2017, 3:13 PM GMT
    …There’s nothing about Trump that inspires trust or confidence, because the man himself is as much an egomaniac as he is a pathological liar. Politics is full of egomaniacs, but American politics hasn’t seen a liar like Trump in decades. Now, with nuclear saber-rattling, the deceptive side of Trump has become deadly serious….

    “The way it works is that you first just lie a lot,” Snyder said. “You fill up the public space with things that aren’t true, as Trump has obviously done. Next you say, ‘It’s not me who lies; it’s the crooked journalists. They’re the ones who spread the fake news.’ Then the third step, if this works, is that everybody shrugs their shoulders and says, ‘Well, we don’t really know who to trust; therefore, we’ll trust whoever we feel like trusting.’ In that situation, you can’t control political action and authoritarianism wins.”…

  3. If we get through this little fiasco, there will be more issues I’m sure. Not much has been said about Trump’s invitation (to the White House) to Philippine President Duterte. Perhaps Duterte can offer AG Sessions some advice as to how to deal with the “cannabis problem” that Sessions seems to be perceiving.

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