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CharolottesvilleJBPICASSOhoward dean


Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers Episode #27.



KKK Wizard David Duke and the Turning Point.


33rd Ward Committeeman Aaron Goldstein on why he wouldn’t vote for the Cook County Democratic Party endorsement of J.B. Pritzker for governor.

I believe the Cook County Democratic Party made a mistake endorsing a candidate for governor yesterday. This is not about who was endorsed but rather that there was an endorsement. I voted for there to be an open primary and that the party not endorse any candidate. There are several well qualified candidates in this race who have brought a lot to the table. Each have brought in a lot of enthusiastic volunteers into the process.

Many people bring up 2016 to remind the Party of the mistakes that were made. I think it goes deeper than that. For as long as I can remember, the Democratic Party has always pushed the candidate who they thought would win. Sometimes they were right and sometimes they were wrong. But they failed to let the process work itself out. We either believe in our democratic process or we don’t. When we as a party tell the voters whom they should vote for within the party we give the perception that the process is not fair. You then have a very difficult time getting buy-in after the primary. And it is the general election that is most important.

I believe the best candidate to beat Rauner is the candidate who wins the primary without the perception of it being predetermined. I am concerned that if Mr. Pritzker wins one of the main lines of attack against him will be that he’s the “insider” or part of the “machine”. The Cook County Democratic Party just gave Rauner that ammunition.

Process matters. Ideas matters. Let’s present our ideas and vision for the future in an open and fair process and let the people express their voice. In the end I believe in the people.




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