The return of Ben Velderman. Or how you know that I never did political lobbying during the time I was in my classroom teaching my students.

Right-winger Ben Velderman filed a FOIA request for all my work emails and got them.

In the previous post Troy LaRaviere exposes that Rahm Emanuel’s people demanded that CPS principals lobby for the voucher bill.

Naturally one of my trolls responded.

“Ever any union activity on school time? Oh, wait, there couldn’t be, that would be against the rules.”

Thank you!

This gives me the excuse to post a picture of Ben Velderman again.

It has been a while.

My stalker, Ben Velderman, was a gofer for a right-wing Michigan-based outfit called the Education Action Group.

They were funded by, among others, the DeVos family.

Ben filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for all my work emails while I was a teacher, union activist and president of  Park Ridge District 64’s Park Ridge Education Association, an affiliate of the Illinois Education Association and the NEA.

They received every single email I ever sent out to the members. Every email I ever sent at work. Every email I ever received. Every single one, except those that contained third party names such as special education students.

Thousands of emails. Meeting agendas. Paint supply orders. You name it. They got it.

And my personnel file.

Listen. Even I wasn’t permitted to remove my personnel file from the Human Relations office.

But Ben Velderman got it.


Including every work evaluation I ever received.

They never could find a thing.

That’s because there was a law against me using my work emails for political purposes.

I follow the law.

Even as president of the local I couldn’t lobby my members on work time or using district email.

I couldn’t do what Rahm’s people ordered his principals to do.

And I got the gold standard to prove it:

Ben Velderman!

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