Ken Previti writes from Irma. 

By Ken Previti

A friend of ours, Stacey Patel, who lives nearby posted this on Facebook about Gov. Rick Scott’s TV messages.

“Rick Scott is making the most of his 29 months in the Navy with that cap he wears in every press conference regarding Irma.

It’s ludicrous to me to watch our governor preside over a disaster of his own making. He literally won’t let people use the words “climate change” or “global warming” in government documents. He’s bilked the very people he’s now directing to shelters out of access to Medicaid. He led a company that paid $1.7billion in fines as a result of an FBI investigation into Medicare fraud. His Department of Environmental Protection is an unmitigated environmental disaster that expedited the construction of Sabal Trail, a fracked-gas pipeline whose construction through conservation areas and delicate karst geology threatens the Floridan aquifer. He’s presided over the failure of ecosystems and misdirected money we, the citizens, allocated to buy back the sugar land to prevent damaging Lake Okeechobee discharges and restore the flow of water into the Everglades. His ludicrous backward-thinking jobs program has made Florida the king of low-wage work, putting the working poor at the greatest risk in situations like this one. His 2010 & 2014 campaigns received more than $1.1M from two utility-funded PACs, which explains why the sunshine state continues to lag in conversion to renewables. He has underinvested in the state’s infrastructure under that age-old guise of so-called conservatism – which apparently now is about conserving rich folks’ cash rather than our state’s infrastructure, natural resources and quality of life.
The irony of him playing savior during this statewide disaster that has been caused and exacerbated by his own dereliction of duty cannot possibly be lost on the citizens of Florida.
And no NAVY hat is going to convince any of us that this is a man who understands service or duty at all.”

4 Replies to “Ken Previti writes from Irma. ”

  1. As usual, Ken is right on target. Hope he and Mary Lou get through this. Hope Rick Scott is exposed for the “shock doctrine” opportunist he is. Thanks, Fred.


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