Sunday, Sunday.

Chicago protest for DACA and more. September 6, 2017.

This week’s cartoons:

SCOTTPRUITtRUSHPresidentialBruce and JB

This week’s Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers #31. Special Labor Day 2-hour broadcast on podcast.

Hitting Left guests Cory and Craig Stevenson and Anne Emerson.

Hitting Left Basement Tapes.


This week’s blog posts:

Bob Lyon’s TRS pension report (unofficial).

Rahm ordered CPS principals to lobby for voucher bill during work hours.

The return of Ben Velderman. Or how you know that I never did political lobbying during the time I was in my classroom teaching my students.

Marching for DACA in Chicago. The Mayor says we are a “Trump-free zone,” but I’m not so sure.

Deadbeat. Crain’s doesn’t get it right about who is owed the most by the state of Illinois. Our pension system state liability is $200 billion and growing.

What happens when you support Rauner’s “leadership” of bi-partisan support for Israel.

Candidate Pawar seems to have two sets of rules. One for retired teachers. Another for business

Chicago Fox news. Pension facts as phony as the actors who pretend to be the just folks on the street.

Keeping retirement weird. God and man in Florida.


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