Retired teacher Lee Talley and the crooked Lincoln-Way superintendent, Lawrence Wyllie.

Lawrence Wyllie.

It has been a couple of years since I heard from Lee Talley.

Lee is a retired teacher and he wrote a few blog posts that I posted here.

One of them two years ago concerned the closing of Lincoln-Way North High school.

He said it was “a death in my neighborhood.”

There was a death in my neighborhood last Thursday night.

No shots rang out.  No sirens wailed.   No yellow police tape cordoned off the scene of the crime.  Even worse, the 800+ witnesses could do nothing to stop it.

Last Thursday night, the Lincoln High School District 210 School Board voted 5-2 to close Lincoln Way North High School.  Time of death — 8:58 p.m. 

And now the year-long wake begins.  I feel sorry for the kids and parents, especially the Class of 2017 who will have to spend their Senior year in a new environment.  It’ll be like starting all over again.

Built in 2007, Lincoln Way North opened in 2008, followed by Lincoln Way West in 2009.  Each school has the capacity for 2,500 students.  Both schools are state-of-the-art buildings, with all the bells and whistles that could be thought of at the time.

Now one has been pronounced dead and the other is most certainly on a “death-watch” as enrollment continues to decline.

I always feel bad when a school closes. But Lee shared how this happened because of financial shenanigans involving the superintendent, Lawrence Wylie.

In 2005, a $225 million referendum to build the two new high schools was passed by the district’s taxpayers after the District 210 School Board and then-Superintendent Lawrence Wyllie vigorously pushed an alarmist agenda that “the education of students is going to suffer if we don’t plan for the future now.” 

Of course, Wyllie is retired and living in Florida, collecting his $300,000 pension, not returning phone calls or answering questions, while new Supt. Dr. R. Scott Tingley is left holding the bag.  And doesn’t this seem to be a familiar scenario these days with all these long-time power players?

Lee wrote:

Politicians have made a mess of education.  Bowing to political whims, special interests, and private money.  They keep inserting themselves and their wacky ideas into schools where they have no business going.  I keep threatening to write a piece entitled, “No Politician Left Behind.”

Lee got it right, of course. And although I haven’t heard from Lee Talley in a while, I got an email from him today.

His email included this:

Anyway, this just came out today.  The Feds indicted former Lincoln Way High School District 210 Lawrence Wyllie on fraud charges today….

Supposedly more indictments are to follow…including former board members…

He sent me a link to today’s Chicago Tribune.

Lawrence Wyllie, the former Lincoln-Way superintendent who led the south suburban district into academic prominence and then set it on a course of fiscal ruin, has been charged with fraud.

Federal prosecutors allege Wyllie, 79, hid the “true financial health” of Lincoln-Way High School District 210 by misusing millions in bond money and fraudulently spent school district funds on personal projects, including Superdog, a dog-training school he ordered built.

Thanks to Lee Talley, you read it here first.

7 thoughts on “Retired teacher Lee Talley and the crooked Lincoln-Way superintendent, Lawrence Wyllie.

  1. Fred,
    Supposedly the pension is now beyond $400,00 per year w all those teacher perks kicking in each year. They’ll never get this guy for half of what he pulled in the South burbs. Hope the old fart rots.

  2. A former southwest suburban school superintendent blew his district’s money on an obedience school for dogs, padded his pockets and cooked the books all while falsely complaining the state of Illinois was $5 million behind on its payments, a grand jury has alleged.

    Now Lawrence Wyllie, 79, of Naperville, faces five counts of wire fraud and one count of embezzlement for leaving Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210 on the hook for $7 million in unnecessary debt and allegedly stealing $80,000.
    Fred, in the Sun Times on the 14th. the name of the dog training club was Super dog.

  3. Seems crime the seldom prosecuted white collar kind is our primary economic activity…..from this to equifax to almost anything the banksters do to laundering money of foreign criminals in finance and real estate to pension theft………

  4. Fortunately i was a 20+ year employee at LWHS and am saddened to read the hate filled comments about Dr Wyllie. He wasn’t perfect but the students of the dustrict were his priority.
    Even Dr Tingley has made the news recently in regards to the financial state if the district. I hope when this court case is done people will see that.

  5. I was a teacher in the district for 35 years. Dr. Wyllie was a dictator and and abusive leader. He had to control everything and it no surprise that he was taking money for himself. That is why he had to control everything so he could try and keep his dealings hidden. He was a builder of buildings and a destroyer of men. Has anyone looked into his dealings with the company that did the work on the schools? That company also built his vacation homes. Any question about that?

  6. It’s August 12, 2020 and Lawrence Wyllie remains a free man collecting $331,086.84. Every year, the pension is increased by 3% of the previous year’s pension amount. This man is as free as a bird, living very comfortably in Florida. Probably plays golf every day at his country club and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The system is rigged to favor men like Wyllie and all other wealthy men, for that matter. Sickening.

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