Rahm closed record number of neighborhood public schools. Now he wants a $95 million cop school?

Rahm shows off his plans for a $90 million cop school.

Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel closed more public schools at one time than ever in American history.

Fifty schools in predominantly African American neighborhoods.

Now he plans to open a $95 million dollar cop school on the west side in Garfield Park.

While existing CPS schools go begging, many without even libraries, the cop school will  include two buildings, including one for classrooms, labs, simulators, conference rooms, an auditorium and offices.

The second building will include a shooting range and space for “active scenario training.”

The campus will also include a driving course, skid pad and and a place for “hands-on practice in real-world situations.”

No libraries for neighborhood schools. Skid pad for a $95 million cop school.

Ironically, the Cadillac facility is being justified by calls for police training in response to years of police abuse and the killing of Laquan McDonald.

Ask for training?

Be careful what you ask for.

10 thoughts on “Rahm closed record number of neighborhood public schools. Now he wants a $95 million cop school?

  1. I don’t see much difference between the culture of law enforcement today with that experienced by many of us in the 60s, 70s etc (e.g., just thinking about Fred’s recent interview with Flint and the days of Fred Hampton). I guess, if anything, law enforcement is probably at least ramped up with the addition of military grade weaponry. I fear that when they say this new facility will better “train” the police, they are mostly focusing on offensive and defensive use of weapons and high tech gear, vehicles, etc. and how to use it in interactions with the public. What they really need to do is change the culture, carefully screen applicants, have high standards for applicants that require calm/rational/non-violent/patient people with stellar people management skills, education, etc. To be somewhat facetious, they should be looking for pacifist Quakers that love people, are extremely patient, tolerant, well informed and understanding/empathetic of the wide swath of human behavior and condition. And given all this, their income should be raised too.

  2. As long as there are folks throwing bags of piss, shit, fire bombs etc at cops, destroying property under the guise of “community anger” there will be the high tech training.
    These guys also need to be ready for the true terrorist scenario so it sounds like there should be cops for the neighborhoods and cops for everything else.

    Quakers and pacifists will not apply for this job. That is a big part of the problem.

  3. The people who read this blog have absolutely no idea of the amount and diversity of training modern law enforcement officers receive on a yearly basis. They are far and away more professional than their counterparts of the 60s and 70s. That is no slight against law enforcement from those decades. They weren’t called upon to fix all problems for all people. Police officers are called on to do more and more as they have become the ones to call on any and every societal problem. You say you want pacifist cops. That’s a novel idea until faced with the violence they are called to respond to. Perhaps schools should have curriculum that teaches youth how to interact with police in a respectful and nonviolent way. It’s just as wrong to group all teachers into the “child molester” stereotype as it is to say cops are killers.

    1. Anonymous, regarding your 12:12 PM posting, you could easily swap the words “teacher” for every “police” or “police officers” or “law enforcement officers” in your post…..except maybe for the last sentence.

  4. Come on, Fred. Don’t you know the CPD has to be prepared to manage all of the students who were effed by Daley and Rahm when they gave them a sub-standard school system? Actually, the substandard school system goes back before either of these men were mayors of Chicago. Gotta deal with the drug dealing, gang banging, murdering, raping, car jacking and so on that are the result of a poor education that has prepared these young people for nothing but. No chance these kids are gonna make it in the mainstream society. At least the cops will be well-educated.

    1. That’s sounds more like you, Anon. Teachers are responsible for all the problems. If we had educated all those “drug dealing, gang banging, murdering, raping, car jacking, and so on…” why there would be no problems for the cops to handle.

  5. Why are these highly trained police officers shooting unarmed young African American men all over the country? Will an outrageously expensive high tech police academy resolve this problem? Why don’t politicians focus some energy on providing solutions to the rampant poverty and inequality that plague our society? Ramping up military interventions and bombing civilians in other countries are immoral distractions from the problems here at home.

  6. We used to do skid pad testing when I was in my teens. The location was the local church, or grocery store parking lots. We would practice whenever the weather turned wet or icy. With all of the failing and shut down businesses here in America, there should be some similar facilities available. The cost of our facility: $0.00 The cost of Rahm’s proposed facility: ??? Don’t let the initial estimate fool you.

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