Obama cried. 

Obama cried

At the killing of babies 

At Sandy Hook. 

But nothing changed.  

Nothing changed. 

So that now we get a tweet

Offering something called

Warm Condolences. 

No tears. 

And nothing’s changed.

4 Replies to “Obama cried. ”

  1. Hi,
    Gun violence has become a public health crisis in America. In 1996, after lobbying by the NRA, Congress passed a ban on gun violence research. In 2015 a bill was introduced in the US House of Representatives to reverse this ban but the bill was never voted on. The US Senate has never attempted to address the ban on gun violence research.
    Scientists use research to make cars and other products safer as well as identify cancer risks associated with products on the market. Research on gun violence in America must be allowed in order to identify ways to promote gun safety.

    That’s why I signed a petition to Sen. Mitch McConnell (KY-1) and The United States Senate, which says:

    “The US Senate should introduce a measure to repeal the ban on funding gun violence research.”

    Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:



  2. And the buzzards who do the mass killings usually end up dead. Nobody who kills this many people can be labeled sane. Where are laws which protect people so that they have the freedom to not be killed? Those freedoms are being trampled by the 2nd amendment.
    Breaking News Alert
    October 02, 2017
    NYTimes.com »

    The Las Vegas gunman had 19 rifles in his hotel room, two on tripods at the windows, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, an official said
    Monday, October 2, 2017 4:12 PM EDT
    The police found the gunman, whom they identified as Stephen Paddock, 64, dead in his room at the hotel. Investigators were still combing through Mr. Paddock’s background and searching his home on Monday.
    Among the weapons authorities discovered in his hotel room were two rifles with scopes on tripods positioned in front of the two windows that had been broken out, a law enforcement official said.

  3. Two Dark American Truths From Las Vegas

    On the certainty of more shootings

    We know these things already.

    The first is that America will not stop these shootings. They will go on. We all know that, which makes the immediate wave of grief even worse.

    Five years ago, after what was the horrific mass shooting of that moment, I wrote an item called “The Certainty of More Shootings.” It was about the massacre in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and after acknowledging the victims it said:

    The additional sad, horrifying, and appalling point is the shared American knowledge that, beyond any doubt, this will happen again, and that it will happen in America many, many times before it occurs anywhere else.
    That remains true now. I expect it to be true five years from now. I am an optimist about most aspects of America’s resilience and adaptability, but not about reversing America’s implicit decision to let these killings go on.

    Decision? Yes. Other advanced societies have outbreaks of mass-shooting gun violence. Scotland, in 1996. Australia, in 1996 as well. Norway in 2011. But only in the United States do they come again and again and again.

    The story of Australia’s response to its Port Arthur massacre is the most famous. A conservative government pushed through significant gun-law reforms, and the country has had no remotely comparable episode since then. ..

    Read More:

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