Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Episode #35. A convo with Prexy Nesbitt about Africa.

Maybe if the President was listening to Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers he would know the difference between what he called Nambia and a real place named Namibia.

Jamie Trecker, our long-time producer and Lumpen Radio station manager finally quit for real. He’s been threatening for months. But the guy is too dedicated to the station so that he would only leave if someone capable could be found to replace him.

We were joined today by Jerry Salgado who will now produce the show.

We were also joined by long-time friend and activist Prexy Nesbitt.

I reminded Prexy that we first met at meetings over on North Avenue at the offices of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party. This would have been back in the late seventies. We were both much younger men back then.

We were organizing to bring busloads of people to New York’s Madison Square Garden to support those in Puerto Rico who were struggling against the effects of colonialism.

And here we are again in 2017, still seeing the impact of colonialism on Puerto Rico following the devastation brought on my Hurricane Maria.

Prexy’s main work over the past 40 years has been supporting the liberation movements in Africa, particularly South Africa.

Things have certainly changed over the past 40 years and Prexy is quite critical of the current South African regime.

But not without hope and excitement about the youth movement in South Africa today.

You can hear and download the episode here.

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