6 Replies to “Make Mike Pence disappear.”

  1. I heard on CNN International that Pence’s total flight costs out of DC were $250,000. Add this to the cost of security protection and see how quickly this administration can waste taxpayer money.

    Sock puppet Pence knew that players were going to kneel to protest so why come and make a show of leaving? Taxpayers should demand a refund.

    1. Yes, I read that the tallied cost to taxpayers was roughly a million. All this outrage from a deplorable administration and squawking about black athletes disrespecting our soldiers but not one peep out of trump/Pence concerning four dead Green Berets in Niger.

  2. Hi Fred,

    I always read your stuff. I enjoy it. My thought is maybe we can kneel across the US while holding hands and Trump may disappear.

    Tom Szot


  3. I assume Niger is under the endless AUMF. The situation in large parts of Africa makes the legacy of colonialism in the Carribean look like a paradise. There are no functioning goverments over large streches of Africa. Data quality is so poor Gates is trying to use satellite to figure out the population and where they are to get aid to them. We never hear about this because well who knows. We don’t hear a lot of what is really going on. A good site to find out is reliefweb updates from the UN.

  4. I watched Gov Jesse Ventura’s new show on RT. If you haven’t caught it, or don’t get it, hopefully you’ll catch some of it on youtube. He brought up two points that were quite interesting. (1) He mentioned that he was a Navy Seal for six years. During that time, he didn’t recall ever serving alongside any millionaires or children of millionaires. He said that these politicians who are insisting that we demonstrate our patriotism ought to do so by sending their children to serve. (2) He also questioned the necessity for even singing the Star Spangled Banner before any major sporting event. If you think about, he has a good point. A football game is really a non-governmental event. It’s a privately owned group of athletes who are competing and entertaining as part of an organization which is run as a business.

    A Cubs game is not a political or governmental event. It’s a form of entertainment for the person purchasing the admission ticket. We don’t sing the Star Spangled Banner when we go to see a movie, or sit down at a restaurant for a bite to eat. You’re not asked to sing the Star Spangled Banner before you get your grocery cart and start shopping at Whole Foods or Mariano’s.

    One of Pence’s three children is in the military. The other two have yet to enlist. I can’t find any info that says the VP has ever been a member of the military.

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