The Chicago Trib’s scab columnist John Kass calls me a fanatic.

The Chicago Trib’s John Kass. Photo: Fred Klonsky

It wasn’t exactly a Twitter war.

It was just John Kass being John Kass.

Chicago media blogger, Robert Feder tweeted.

So, I did a RT and added:

Let me explain. Kristen McQueary is the Chicago Tribune columnist who is such a fanatic when it comes to teachers, public schools and teacher unions that she is most famous for penning a column in which she wished for a hurricane the size of Katrina to visit itself upon our city and destroy our public schools.

That column wasn’t a one-off for McQueary. That is her role for the Trib, which has a stable of union-hating, teacher-bashing writers and reporters.

Including John Kass.

Kass is a suburbanite who likes the idea of the city but not the reality of living here. Some have suggested he wishes he was the legendary Mike Royko but doesn’t have nearly the working class instincts, intellect or wit for the job.

John Kass was a scab who saved his own job by crossing the picket lines when the Tribune broke the Chicago Typographic Union strike years ago.

It is hard to imagine Royko as a scab. It is easy to imagine Kass as one.

Kass felt the need to comment on my McQueary tweet to establish his journalistic solidarity, I suppose.

Those Trib columnists sure show know how to show their solidarity.

Except when their fellow Trib employees go on strike.

As for Kristen McQueary. I still hope that she loses her job.

Who’s she going to go to for help?

The union?



12 thoughts on “The Chicago Trib’s scab columnist John Kass calls me a fanatic.

  1. When Sharon Schmidt (my wife and the sponsor of the Steinmetz Star) noted that John Kass was a scab when he was keynoting the high school journalism awards last year at Roosevelt University, he told Sharon: “George Schmidt says I am a scab.” to which Sharon answered: “Well, aren’t you…” To which Kass admitted, “Yes.” Kass posed as a working class kind of guy in order to get the Royko space in the Tribune, but in fact he’s a petit bourgeois suburbanite who, as noted, crossed the Tribune picket lines three decades ago to stay in good with the Tribune’s bosses and promote John Kass and Kassism…

    1. My property taxes are going up to pay for corporate tax breaks and give aways and insufficient state taxes on the rich.

  2. Neither of them will lose their jobs. Possibly, Trib. management is “purging” the newsroom of their more liberal writers, &/or investigative reporters.

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