Sunday week in review.

Veteran African American political reporter joined The Klonsky Brothers in studio this week.

This week’s drawings.

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This week’s Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers podcast.


This week’s blog posts.

JB and Joe Berrios. The hovel next door.

Keeping retirement weird. They don’t want to just end our defined benefit. They’re going after the defined contribution too. Shameless thieves.

Raimondo and Rahm make an offer to Amazon. It’s a secret.

Progressive Caucus demands Claypool testify before City Council after investigation finds special ed scandal.

Congratulations to the graduate student workers at the University of Chicago.

In CPS it is the squeaky wheel and the color of your skin when it comes to special education services. Rahm says “they get what they deserve.”

Democratic Party Chairman and tax man Joe Berrios is back to his old dirty tricks.

Sarah Karp’s report on Forrest Claypool’s secret study, special ed service cuts and outrageous consultant fees. $15 million for proof reading?

Palatine para-professionals aren’t worth an 11 cent raise but they are too essential to allow them to strike.

Illinois teacher retirees: What the hell is Walgreen’s up to?

The Chicago Trib’s scab columnist John Kass calls me a fanatic.


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