Anita Hill. 1991.

10 thoughts on “Anita Hill. 1991.

  1. How very sad for our country that Anita Hill wasn’t believed. Clarence Thomas has no business being on the Supreme Court and Donald Trump, our pussy-grabber-in-chief has no business being president. Neither are decent, moral people.

    1. Anita Hill wasn’t believed in large part because David “A little bit nutty, a little bit slutty” Brock slimed her. David Brock has been working for Hillary and the DNC lately.

  2. Ah yes, but I’m sure that cigar smoking Wild Bill Clinton is your hero.
    Remember “Devil w the Blue Dress On” and I don’t mean Mitch “the bitch” Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.
    He set the moral compass for us all, and his comrade got your support last time around.
    Yup, you are in a swell position to cast stones, you hypocritical asses.

    1. Nope. You’re wrong about who are my heroes and who sets my moral compass. As for Obama, whatever his faults you are in the wrong territory. Your response and defensiveness suggests who sets your moral compass however. And where the hypocrisy is.

    2. Are you saying that there is no reason to believe that Rump is a womanizer? Clinton had problems and was impeached for his improprieties. He lied. What will happen to our pussy-grabber-in-chief? He is the one I’m concerned about now. He lies all the time. The past is gone.

      Is Trump’s behavior acceptable?

  3. Don’t forget, despite the fact that Thomas got away with his low life behavior in regards to his dealings with Ms Hill, he is also a complete negative on a different end of the spectrum. He was once employed by Monsanto, a company famously known for having its employees often times becoming members of a government that regulates the laws and expectations of these GMO peddling hustlers.

    If you look at Congress and other governmental bodies, there are many members who kow tow to the great Monsanto nation. Here is an article showing ties relating to Monsanto and current CIA chief, Mike Pompeo

    Keep an eye on Monsanto. They are up to no good!

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