Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers episode #40. Chicago was once the worst? Now the best? What do test scores tell us? With David Stovall and Josh Radinsky.

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This week both my brother and I were anxious to talk to brilliant education researchers about a Stanford report on a Chicago miracle. 

Based on looking at test scores Chicago students had, according to this Standford University study, made six years growth in only five years.

We invited University of Illinois education researchers and professors David Stovall and Josh Radinsky to share their views of this kind of research and the conclusions the Stanford study comes to.

As for me, I’m for banning the word “miracle” when it comes to classrooms, teachers and students.

We ain’t Lourdes and good teaching and learning is no miracle when it happens.

And it can’t be measured by some standardized test that students and teachers spend their year prepping for.

Both David and Josh spend way too much time working with real kids, not just in some ivory tower, to be fooled by this nonsense.

Check out the show.

And spread the word.

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