The former IEA Communications Director is typically unresponsive.

I recently did a post about the IEA hiring a former Rauner communications aide as their new Communications Director.

In the post I reflected on the role that the former IEA Communications Director played.

The Illinois Education Association – I was a member for over 30 years – had Charlie McBarron as Communications Director.

What a piece of work that guy was.

Because I was a local union president who was frequently critical of IEA leadership I was banned from his Twitter and Facebook feeds. That his business, of course. I was also banned from having the link  to my blog ever appearing on the IEA website even while he posted links to the anti-union websites of phony news sites funded by the DeVos family foundation in Michigan.

McBarron retired this year and now the IEA has found someone even worse than McBarron – the former digital communications director for Bruce Rauner.

I would predict that IEA members should see no difference as a result of the new hire.

McBarron wrote me back.

Someone brought this reader’s comment to my attention, so I feel compelled to respond:

None of the claims made alleging a lack of responsiveness on my part are true.

None. Of. Them.

Every IEA member, active or retired, who called/emailed me during the 21 years I served the organization received a response within 24 hours, usually within a couple of hours. There were no exceptions to this policy, even when I didn’t like what the caller had to say, as the owner of this blog surely knows.

Every call was returned and every question/request was addressed. Not every caller liked the response received, but every member who contacted me was responded to. Every member.

Anyone who says otherwise is not telling the truth.

As you can see, even in retirement, McBarron remains unresponsive.

I never even mentioned anything about whether he responded to members in a timely way.

McBarron doesn’t deny what I wrote, but rather responds to a reader’s comment who describes their own experience.

I wrote about his role in blocking and banning opposing views. What I described are specific facts.

Anyone who says otherwise is not telling the truth.

3 thoughts on “The former IEA Communications Director is typically unresponsive.

  1. Fred, since you always get the last word, this will be my last comment on the subject.

    First, regarding the single occasion you cited, in retrospect it was a mistake to link to the hostile website. There was a reason I did it at the time, all those years ago, but that’s not important. I wouldn’t do it again and, in fact, I never did.

    It’s interesting you don’t recall why your blog was ignored, since we discussed it more than once. For the last time, here it is:

    Your opinions weren’t the problem.

    Your repeated insistence on portraying your opinions as fact, even when informed that you were in error, made linking to the blog problematic.

    When mistakes are made, they need to be acknowledged and corrected.

    Many of your errors and misstatements were avoidable.

    Speaking of which, contrary to what you’ve been telling your readers, the IEA Director of Communications since I retired is Sarah Antonacci. Sarah has been with IEA for nine years.

    Bridget Shanahan is the new media relations director. She replaced Bob Ray, who retired.

    Anyone at IEA headquarters, any member of the IEA board or staff, could have told you this, had you asked.

    And now, back to retirement.

    Best wishes,

    Charlie McBarron

    1. The email you sent me at the time that I raised questions as to why you would link to an anti-union web site but not to my blog was that “we don’t link to blogs.” As for getting the new job title of the IEA’s media director whose last job was with Governor Rauner, that was my error.

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