Maria and the Hawk.

It will get to the mid-40s in Chicago today, the warmest it has been the last couple of days.

But The Hawk will return.

Although a target of gentrification, our Logan Square and Humboldt Park neighborhood is the  home to thousands of Puerto Rican families. In the aftermath of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, and the terrible response by the federal government, many on the island are now staying with their families up north.

A warm winter coat, gloves and scarves are not normally needed in Puerto Rico in December and January.

They are a requirement in our city with the wind off the lake.

A mile south of our house is the Humboldt Park Field House, It has been turned into a welcoming center for those forced to leave Puerto Rico permanently or temporarily.

In one room of the grand terra cotta decorated building arrivals take a number. In another room are representatives from dozens of social service agencies including FEMA, Congressman Gutierrez’s office, the city plus civic and community organizations.

We gathered warm weather clothing from closets in our house and our neighbor brought stuff over for us to take with us. We loaded up the back of the car and drove down Humboldt Boulevard to the park.

The Puerto Rican community has opened its arms to their folks who have come to Chicago.

We all can.


Congressman Gutierrez

Chicago Department of Family and Support Services

Alderman Maldonado

Aderman Reboyras http://www,

Chicago Department of Public Health http://www.cityofchicago/health

Chicago Public Schools


Catholic Charities

Hispanic Housing

Puerto Rican Agenda

Puerto Rican Cultural Center

Puerto Rican Arts Alliance

Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center

Spanish Coalition for Housing



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