5 thoughts on “Believe women.

  1. Including Juanita Broaddrick? Or is that different because Hillary says so?

    Oh – what about Crystal Mangum (infamous Duke LaCrosse accuser, now cooling her heels on a murder rap)?

    This is one of your lowest points – ever. Disgusting, Fred.

    You’re an identity-politics junkie, but you should be honest about your bias: you’re still back in the Reds vs Whites circa 1920. Too bad they didn’t have this sexual-abuse BS-propaganda tool back then.

    1. Oh, good. You’re my measure of effectiveness. When one of my drawings upsets you, I consider it a job well done.

  2. Well done, Mr.Klonsky!…you show the power of Art…in it’s most basic and apparently disturbing form …the Sign that can not be easily censored!…the effect is obvious …your rendition of a simple plea for justice made this jerk doodoo his drawers?

    I imagine his disgust is actually with himself…if he were honest…with himself?

    If a plea for justice made this dude go full mad dog…I’d bet a cup of coffee …he’s suffering from a guilty conscience?

    What next?…Will mad dog call for lie detector tests?

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