IEA’s endorsement of GOP Congressman Rodney Davis. Thanks for nothing.

IEA endorsed Republican Rodney Davis to Congress.

In a letter to the News Gazette explaining the IEA’s endorsement of Republican Rodney Davis to Congress:

The Illinois Education Association, like The News-Gazette editorial board, supports the re-election of Rep. Rodney Davis.

However, your endorsement editorial may have given your readers a false impression regarding how and why IEA also came to recommend Rep. Davis.

The principle that, “Every student deserves a quality education” is cherished by the 130,000 IEA members. It guides the recommendations of IPACE, the IEA political action committee.

In order to be recommended by IEA, candidates must complete a questionnaire and meet with rank-and-file members for a question-and-answer session. The answers received, along with a review of the candidate’s views and voting record, play a huge role in the recommendation decision.

IEA is recommending Rep. Davis based on his exemplary record in office. He is a friend to public education and to the students who attend public schools.

For example, Rep. Davis showed leadership by working hard to get the Every Student Succeeds Act passed by Congress. He fought to have NEA-supported changes included in ESSA. We support Rep. Davis because he shares our members’ values.

IEA’s bipartisan political philosophy is longstanding and has resulted in the organization routinely recommending, regardless of party affiliation, the candidates our members consider the best advocates for students and public education.



Illinois Education Association


Republican Congressman Davis voted for the GOP tax bill which gave the nation’s wealthy a major tax break and issued a crushing blow to working class people, including teachers and college students.

Davis issued this statement after his vote:

“Today was a major first step in advancing tax reform, which hasn’t happened since 1986. This is our chance to give middle-class Americans a pay raise by simplifying and reducing overall tax rates. Right now, our complicated tax code tends to only benefit wealthier Americans who can afford to take advantage of loopholes and special interest deductions. We have an opportunity to change the lives of working Americans for the better and I hope we get bipartisan support to get this done quickly.”

Cinda Klickna retired from her post this past year.

4 thoughts on “IEA’s endorsement of GOP Congressman Rodney Davis. Thanks for nothing.

  1. That 1986 “tax reform” he refers too is the law that created the Social Security WEP/GPO that steals most of the Social Security money earned by Illinois teachers on other non-teaching employment. Now he votes for this new tax law that will cut medical deductions for sick people and elderly retires. He acts like he did something good. He certainly does not deserve an endorsement.

  2. Another greedy politician. They’re like bed bugs – they’re hard to get rid of. Let any of your friends or associates in his district know about this. Let’s do what we can to vote this inconsiderate individual out.

    Illinois’ 13th Congressional District makes up a stretch of the central portion of the state. It includes Calhoun, Christian, De Witt, Greene, Jersey, Macon, Macoupin, Montgomery, and Piatt counties. Portions of Bond, Champaign, Madison, McLean, and Sangamon counties are also included in the district.

  3. Those of us who live in Davis’ district are working hard to make certain he will be looking for a new job next November.

    1. Majority of Americans do not support new tax plan. Rodney Davis tryed to push a horrilble health care plan, and does not support th butch Lewis plan to save coal miners and teamsters pensions, I agree that he needs to be voted out in 2018.

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