IFT endorses Pritzker.

2 thoughts on “IFT endorses Pritzker.

  1. Nobody asked the rank and file.
    Of course, our IFT leaders refer to Mike Madigan as “Brother Madigan.”
    Yup, the same “Brother Madigan” who muscled through S.B. 7 several years ago, as well as other horrible attacks on public school teachers disguised as bills. *sigh*

    1. Some of the results of this anti-teacher legislation has been firing of good teachers because of them being at the higher pay level. Surviving tier 1 teachers near retirement have to “teach for the test” to try to hang on until they can retire. A big shortage of teachers is developing, which was predictable, as no one could be expected to go into teaching under these conditions, not to mention the tier 2 negative pension.

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