Sun-Times calls for democracy in Chicago. Don’t tell us. Tell Cullerton.


The Chicago Sun-Times published their editorial on the Cesspool resignation with a renewed call for their vision of an elected school board in Chicago.

Good for the Sun-Times editorial board which tends to be slightly more progressive than the group that sits in the board room of the Tribune Tower.

As you recall, the Trib group published an editorial last week comparing Gay rights to Nazis in an opinion on the cake case that was being argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.

We have long argued that a school board entirely appointed by the mayor — this mayor or any mayor — looks a lot like a rubber stamp. After the Claypool fiasco, we’re more sure than ever. The only way the public can feel confident that the board will follow its own best judgment at such politically explosive times, rather than do the bidding of the mayor, is to include elected members.

Somebody on the board should owe the mayor nothing.

I guess the Sun-Times isn’t exactly ready for full-blown democracy in Chicago.

They think we are ready for a hybrid version of democracy and a school board with elected and appointed. members.

In any case, the person to convince about democracy in Chicago isn’t the reader of the Sun-Times.

Give Democratic Senate President John Cullerton the call.

A bill creating an elected school board has passed the Illinois House. It has the votes in the Illinois Senate.

One man – John Cullerton – decided he is against it and so the bill goes nowhere.

Perhaps the Sun-Times should publish an editorial calling for democracy in Illinois.

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