My best blog posts of 2017.


Donald Trump doesn’t have a clue about Susan B. Anthony or Frederick Douglass.

What they just did to the Illinois teacher pension system.

Park Ridge District 64 board member calls Women’s March, “screeching vaginas.”

Retired teacher Lee Talley and the crooked Lincoln-Way superintendent, Lawrence Wyllie.

Pritzker Family Foundation gets huge returns for their “investment” in Pay for Success social impact bonds. Profits for the reduction of special ed services.

There will never be enough bad teachers to satisfy some people (The Chicago Tribune).

Keeping Retirement Weird. Senator Biss’ view on pension theft seems to have changed. Activism works.

When Chris Kennedy shredded the first amendment.

“Contracts, like hearts, are meant to be broken.” -Ray Kroc.

Teacher union collective bargaining is about the money and so much more.

Joan Kramer.

Puerto Rico’s urgency, the cruelty of Donald Trump and colonial history.

Keeping retirement real. Ed Rosenthal. More Socrates than Robert’s Rules.

Finger painting as fun, learning and an act of resistance.

Retired teachers are killing your puppies! And eating them!


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