My suggestion to Daniel Biss: Focus. Focus. Focus.

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State Senator Daniel Biss on Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. WLPN 105.5fm.

We had Senator Daniel Biss on our Hitting Left show a few months back. He was the second candidate for Illinois Governor we had as a guest.

We also had Alderman Pawar who was a candidate for governor but now he is not.

I think we are basically done with gubernatorial candidates. Although I wouldn’t turn Rauner down.

I would love to get him in the studio with my brother and me. Just the three of us.

Since Daniel Biss was on the show he has been doing pretty well – beating Chris Kennedy by several measures – but still trailing billionaire JB Pritzker.

Full disclosure: I’m voting for anyone running against Rauner.

I would prefer it not be Pritzker, but I would also prefer that my pension was fully funded.

Some things are more likely to happen than others.

I don’t count Biss out. When he was on our show, and in conversations that I have had with him, he admitted he was wrong about state pensions when he was leading the legislative fight to steal them.

“I fell for the culture of Springfield,” Biss confessed.

Sure ’nuff, he did. Big time.

But that was then and this is now.

I read today in the Daily Herald that Daniel has a new pension plan.

Something about consolidating all the state’s public pensions into a single system.

I suppose there is some sense to the idea. I mean every local pension system in the state has their own board. Some cops and fire fighters down state probably have their investments managed by somebody’s Uncle Louie.

But focus Daniel.

No new pension ideas for a while.

Here is the platform on pensions you should run on:

Raise revenue with a progressive income tax.

Re-amortize the state’s major pension debt.

Have a goal of 100% funding.

Otherwise, stay away from new ideas.

New pension ideas did not go well for you in the past.





10 thoughts on “My suggestion to Daniel Biss: Focus. Focus. Focus.

  1. I respect your opinion, but I would never vote for Biss under any condition. Nor would I vote for Nekritz. They were wrong, yes, but they were also both rude and nasty. They did not care about the harm they inflicted on people.

  2. I videotaped Daniel last year as he tried to explain his co-sponsorship of the bill that would have curtailed our pensions. I was not convinced by his timeline; it does not match up to my experience with his evolution to a more reasonable position on the pension issue and it makes me suspect that he changed his mind in due time to run for the governorship; generally I was not impressed by his defense. And why would I vote for a man that a great many of us at EIU spent almost two years trying to convince he was wrong? We rallied, we picketed, we went to Springfield, we wrote, we called, etc. to no avail. He was not convinced. Now, after the Supreme Court ruled against the bill and he is running for Governor, he has seen the light, but could not before? And then he blames others for his blindness. I think his moral compass is wobbly and he needs better optics. The “proof’s in the pudding” and I don’t trust him to make good decisions as a governor. Here is the link:

  3. I was not pleased by the Raoul endorsement today. I won’t vote for him either or Quinn. His excuse is Fullerton made me. Biss was a leader and hisvexcuse today sounded like one of your kids. Everyone was excited about it so I had to lead it. It almost seemed Trumpian. He was foolish to bring it up and right now Pritzger really has to do nothing because Biss and Kennedy are self destructing. They could finish behind Daibar. I am voting for Goldstein through.

  4. To Daniel Biss, of “Nekritz-Biss & Associates, The Pension Theft Experts”. You should have consulted any civics teacher, they could have explained the Illinois constitution to you. You should have consulted any math teacher, they could have explained why not paying pension contributions caused pension underfunding, and how paying required contributions from this point forward is the correct answer to the problem. You can consult any history teacher about your political career, which is now history.

  5. I can’t buy the Biss pension mea culpa, particularly after sitting through meeting after meeting at which both he & Nekritz heard Ralph Martire clearly & patiently explain–again & again–that there is, indeed, a fix to the pension situation, & that the “pension problem” is NOT what has been bankrupting this state.
    Had Biss been a lesser participant in pushing the kibosh of our pensions, perhaps he would be more believable but, no, he was a LEADER (he & Nekritz) in trying to take our pensions.
    I find it interesting, as well, that he was all for (& was pushing it for years) SB 1 from the last G.A., this SB 1 being the school funding bill. This bill was openly pushed by Advance IL, which is basically a school choice/privatization group (you can read about its being a member of CAN 50 on Diane Ravitch’s Blog).
    We have watched videos of their presentations {& their name is all over the bill–look up “Fix the Formula”}in addition to Educators for Excellence & IL Stand for Children). Anyone associated w/public education (active parents, communities, school groups & educational professionals, meaning teachers, social workers, librarians, therapists, counselors, etc.) could see where “Fix the Formula” was leading to.
    What happened is that the dedicated special education funding was taken away to help fund this, as were other good programs (25 or 35; you all might have read the front page story in the Tribune about the abolishment of much-needed
    physical education; no, sitting at computers all day & doing test prepping is going to save our kids from an obesity epidemic, not to mention all those children living in areas where their parents are afraid to let them go to the park or to play outside; P.E. & school recess may be the only times they are able to enjoy the outdoors/physical activity). Programs have been cut because IL is a FLAT tax state, & there are NO NEW monies to fund this bill. & don’t get me started on SB 1947 (the “tax scholarship” bill, which followed the passage of SB 1–& who DIDN’T predict that that would happen?!). I will give this to Biss, though–he voted NO on 1947 (& a # of Dems–including Nekritz–voted YES) stating this to be a line not to be crossed (& good for him), but who thought that Rauner & the GOP would let SB 1 pass w/o a compromise bill or amendment? (Yes, I know that he put the skids on the amendatory today–to be re-written–but the “tax scholarship” will go through.) And, already, CPS has pledged a large amount of its “windfall” to consultants & to charter schools.
    You can bet that as these “tax scholarships” start draining money from the public school coffers, the publics will be bleeding money the likes of which we’ve not seen. As a result, more & more programs will be lost (the not-so-mere seizure of special education services will wreak havoc on the general ed. classes), class sizes will be increased & more schools will be deemed as “failing,” because less prepared students will do even worse on the {invalid anyway} CCRAP tests, & these schools will be shuttered, with charter school replacements.
    I love Dan’s commercial (it aired during Stephen Colbert’s show) doing homework w/his adorable son who attends public school, but face it, it’s a matter of time before the charters invade the ‘burbs (Evanston Districts 65 & 202 were against SB 1 for years) while the privates get the students AND the $$$$. So…just… no.

    Finally, please make sure to check Illinois Sunshine for campaign donation disclosures (even from way back) for all candidates for every race in the March primaries.

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