4 thoughts on “Sketchbook.

  1. I can’t find your sketch on Jeff Sessions, so I’ll write my comment here. Sessions is posturing like Mr. Tough Guy who is about to crack down on the evil cannabis infatuation that is about to choke our country. However, if Sessions was a real man he would take his powers right to the real problem: the greed and profiteering of Big Pharma. He would expose and root out all of those FDA people who had once been a part of Big Pharma. He would give them jail time (not fines) for their corruption and cover-ups of profit and unnecessary death. More and more Americans are starting to become aware of the collusion that exists between Big Pharma and the FDA. A real attorney general would have these tycoons scrambling for cover. But Sessions isn’t even looking at them.

  2. Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio: yet another yahoo w/a Stetson riding his gallant steed (because…nothing against a horse) into town, promoting law’n’order wherever
    he may ride.

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