These union endorsements are bad.

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The AFL-CIO says it shares the values of the misogynist, homophobe and anti-immigrant Congressman Dan Lipinski.

The morning news includes two union endorsements that illustrates the distance between union leaders and the lives of their members.

The AFL-CIO endorsed Congressman Dan Lipinski over progressive challenger Marie Newman.

Politico’s Natasha Korecki reports:

U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski (D-IL) today was endorsed by the 900,000 member strong Illinois AFL-CIO in his campaign for reelection in Illinois’ Third Congressional District. ‘The choice for working families could not be clearer,’ said Terryl Jares, Illinois AFL-CIO Vice President. ‘Dan Lipinski is a Democrat who embodies our values, fighting to increase the minimum wage, expand parental leave, and protect workers’ rights to organize and bargain.’ Lipinski’s lifetime labor scorecard, according to the AFL-CIO, exceeds 90 percent.”

Lipinski is opposed to women’s reproductive rights, homophobic and anti-immigrant.

Apparently the AFL-CIO shares these values.

But the district doesn’t, which went for Bernie Sanders by roughly eight points in the Democratic primary, and to Hillary Clinton by about 16 points in the 2016 general election.

Meanwhile the Illinois Education Association’s IPACE voted to recommend JB Pritzker for Illinois governor.

With this endorsement they are joining the Illinois Federation of Teachers and the rest of the state’s major unions, including the AFL-CIO.

There are no political principles involved in the endorsement.

The IEA’s record of endorsements includes former GOP State Senate leader Christine Radogno,  the former Senator Mark Kirk and the head of the state’s pro-corporate legislative group, ALEC, for governor last time.

The IEA claims it polled 600 members before endorsing Pritzker.

There are over 120,000 IEA members in the state.

IPACE lists electability as one of its requirements for endorsement. This requirement protects incumbents and supports billionaires like Pritzker, regardless of their politics.



6 thoughts on “These union endorsements are bad.

  1. I am a Republican…..I am voting for Chris Kennedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As soon as I said this…..only presidents of units were allowed to vote……!!!!!!!

    1. Region IEA endorsement hearings don’t get to vote on statewide races. They only get to vote on local races that take place in the area covered by their districts. It doesn’t matter who you’re voting for, my friend. Not as far as IPACE is concerned.

  2. An IEA member should call the IEA Communications Director (who is, perhaps, a REAL communicator, unlike her/his predecessor) & ask for the results of the IEA’s “600 member poll.” Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did when I’d asked for the results of the online survey done 2 weeks before the ILL-Annoy Democratic Primary in 2016. (One has to believe that the membership did NOT go for Hillary, otherwise the results would have been publicized in every newspaper in ILL-Annoy & on every news show, not to mention endless campaign ads.)
    The opinion of the rank-&-file is, as we know, SO important to IEA leadership.

  3. It’s pretty clear when you see where these pacs give…..madigan madigan madigan! I am looking at a race in the 17th, two of the contenders are current or past school board members. Who do you think got the IFT endorsement? The Madigan backed candidate of course,! Who’s main public education experience is that her kids went to public school?!

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