Napkin sketch.

4 thoughts on “Napkin sketch.

  1. Perhaps Mr. Rauner should launch an investigation into the number of “legally” prescribed opioids, and the pharmaceutical companies that are making billions giving this heroin-like equivalent to those who can probably do better with something non (or less) addicting (Cannabis?). Of course, that won’t be done for a while. The fat cats are too busy raking in the cash on this totally legal opioid hustle. All of this makes me want to sing a couple of verses of “God Bless America”.

    And if that’s not enough cash to keep the big boys appeased, we can always start firing weapons in the Mid East – that’s another totally legal hustle. Come on – let’s all join in, “God bless America, land that I love……..”

  2. They won’t even legalize CBD oil with no THC, therefore no “high” (very effective anti-inflammatory, for one thing, that relieves arthritis pain, etc. with no side effects). Oh, no, they can’t step on big pharm’s toes! Every other ad on television is for some kind of prescription drug with a list of side effects a mile long.
    Alcohol and tobacco? Extremely addictive and known to kill–but no concern there from our lawmakers.
    [end of rant]
    I’m with you, Jacek. “…Stand beside her, and guide her, through the night with the light from above. From the mountains…”

  3. Rauner appointed Big PharMa lobbyist Nirav Shah as the state public health director. Shah has rejected the use of medical cannabis for conditions like migraines, osteoarthritis and intractable pain.

    At least twice now, Shah has been ordered by courts to allow MM for those conditions, the most recent being a court ruling this month:

    Shah plans on appealing the court’s decision. Evil bastard. He has ignored unanimous recommendations from the Medical Cannabis Advisory board again and again:

    “Despite often-unanimous decisions by the board, Shah rejected all recommendations from the MCAB during the two years the board existed.” – Chicago Magazine, August 10, 2017

    I have a feeling between him and Rauner, they are collecting big buck$$$ in PharMa dividend checks.

    Illinois, with one of the “toughest” MM laws, makes you jump through hoops to obtain medical cannabis. You must be photographed, fingerprinted, pay a $100 non-refundable fee, and undergo a criminal background check. Makes you almost feel like a criminal. Meanwhile, in Canada, cannabis will be legal for recreational and medical use, beginning this July 1st.

    My elderly mother suffers with intractable pain from osteoarthritis. For nearly two years, she has been on opioids, which have become less effective over time. When she told the doctor a few weeks ago that the pain was so bad she ready to die, he asked is she wanted Hospice and then upped her opioid dose. He said we could not leave her alone as the increased dosage would affect her motor skills and might make her prone to falling. He won’t even say the word “marijuana.”

    If cannabis were legal, she could at least take some tincture drops to get through the hours when the opioids wear off. Research shows medical cannabis users reduce their intake of opioids. They are also more alert and able to function better.
    Only an amoral individual ignores evidence of MM’s effectiveness while forcing thousands of individuals to suffer intractable pain. Only an amoral individual would make Big PharMa profits Priority #1.

    It angers and saddens me to see patients trapped into a world controlled by Big PharMa opioids. The unluckiest ones are eventually refused their prescription, and turn to street drugs. More than 50,000 have paid the ultimate price.

    BTW, here’s an interesting link about what happened to the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board:

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