Cook County Commissioner Boykin goes after Karen Lewis. What?

County Commissioner Boykin (left) attacks former CTU political organizer, Board candidate Brandon Johnson (right) and CTU President Karen Lewis for not fighting school closings.

For those of you who follow this blog and don’t live in Cook County, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

Meet Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin.

The County Board is in charge of the Cook County Jail, the Forest Preserves and County Hospital.

Boykin has been the anti-tax, pro-austerity voice on the Board. Boykin may call himself a Democrat but I’ll just say that Boykin is a member of the Anti-tax, Pro-Austerity Party.

When diminishing revenue resources caused the County to lay-off over 300 County workers, the Trib reported:

Commissioner Larry Suffredin, an Evanston Democrat who voted against the pop tax repeal and played a lead role in putting together the last-minute changes that reduced the number of layoffs, said he was concerned that the remaining job cuts could put the county in “legal jeopardy” for not providing adequate services as required under court agreements.

And he lamented the pain the layoffs would cause. “The people should really wonder what kind of government we are when we are laying off this many people at this time of year,” he said, referring to the upcoming holidays. “The people losing their jobs will never, never find a better job than the one they’ve lost.”

But Commissioner Richard Boykin, an Oak Park Democrat who helped lead the successful soda tax repeal effort that led to the job cuts, called it “a difficult budget at a difficult time” and said that “no one takes any joy” in its passage. But the county has “an obligation to keep the doors open and the lights on … and keep the county affordable,” he added.

When Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis endorsed Boykin’s progressive opponent Brandon John, Boykin went after her with a vengeance.

“Brandon Johnson and Karen Lewis would apparently rather attack a progressive Democratic member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners- a body that has nothing to do with public education- than prepare for the coming battles with Mayor Emanuel over school closures and Governor Rauner over school funding. Sadly the children of Chicago Public Schools will pay the price for leadership that places politics before pupils.”

Disclosure: Brandon Johnson has been a guest and co-host on our radio show/podcast, Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers even before he was a candidate.

We will be sure to invite him back when he becomes Cook County Commissioner for the 2nd District.

Attacking Karen Lewis and former Chicago Teachers Union political organizer Brandon Johnson for not sufficiently fighting Rahm’s school closings and Rauner’s attack on public school funding is pretty crazy.

For those of you who follow this blog and don’t live in Cook County, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

Meet Richard Boykin.


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