Sad news. Three deaths. Trump’s sick opportunism.

Whitney Young senior Brandon Porter-Young.

It was a sad story.

Edwin Jackson, a linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts, and his ride-share driver,  Jeffrey Monroe, were killed in an auto accident on Sunday.

It is terrible news for the families of both men and to those who admired Jackson’s playing and to his friends and team mates.

When Donald Trump found out that the other driver involved in the tragic accident was a drunk driver  and an undocumented immigrant Trump immediately went to Twitter.

Of course.

Edwin Jackson’s death meant nothing to Trump other than as tool to advance his racist demagoguery.

Another sad story:

Chicago’s Whitney Young High School senior Brandon Porter-Young was killed Monday in his family’s temporary living situation, a hotel on Jackson and Sacramento.

Brandon Porter-Young was another victim of Chicago violence.

My heart goes out to Brandon’s mom and his friends at Whitney Young.

I doubt they should expect a call or even a tweet from the President.

What poisonous purpose would that serve?

3 thoughts on “Sad news. Three deaths. Trump’s sick opportunism.

  1. There is no need for Trump to complain about the Dems or other non-supportive members of Congress not getting tough on the border. He already told us that Mexico is going to pay for the wall. He needs to get down there (Mexico) to throw a few packs of paper towels around, and get those Mexicans to open their wallets.

  2. Traffic accidents are so sudden and tragic. Over the holidays, I called a relative, ( a public school teacher in Oregon). They were shocked and saddened by the Christmas day loss of a union staff member they had personally met at meetings. Also the staff member’s daughter. A patch of “black ice” on the highway. Awful.
    We should live every day like it might be our last.

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