The IEA. When electability bites you in the ass.


The Illinois Education Association weighs electability heavily as a critria when it makes its ballot recommendations and hands out it’s IPACE money.

Membership’s money.

Simply stated, electability is the likelihood that some candidate will get elected. More often than not, it means the incumbent. Or the self-funded campaign of a millionaire like JB Pritzker.

More often than not, it means those in power stay in power.

For an organization whose leadership frequently accused activists like me of fearing change, the requirement of electability as a prerequisite for endorsement is ironic. Nothing means less change than re-electing the incumbent.

Governor Pat Quinn was endorsed by the IEA as the most electable.

We got Bruce Rauner.

I suppose that was change.

Presently most of the state’s labor union leadership, including the IEA and the Illinois Federation of Teachers is lined up behind JB Pritzker, a man who bankrolled the PACs that went after public employee pensions.

With the latest release of the taped recordings of JB and Blago talking racist trash about the state’s African American Democratic Party political leadership, JB’s electability is not as assured as it was a few weeks ago.

When asked if there were more tapes, JB said he didn’t know.

That is JB speak for yes.

That is the problem with making electability more important than political views and principled positions.

How do you like President Hillary Clinton so far?



5 thoughts on “The IEA. When electability bites you in the ass.

  1. This is the first reference I’ve heard that Pritzger funded PACs that went after our pensions. I wish that was more widely publicized.

  2. IFT/IEA leadership has been a shill for political insiders for years.

    When you hear your council leader refer to the house speaker as “Brother Madigan,” you know the fix is in.

    We have yet to see anyone endorsed by the IFT/IEA who wasn’t a Madigan pick.

    Thanks, dear leaders, for helping to undermine the rank and file.

  3. Seriously, in the race in the 17th illinois house district, we have a candidate who has passed a referendum, was President of the school board, herself a shining example of a public education and the endorsement went to the Madigan backed candidate. And we wonder why illinois is 50th in the nation in education spending?! These endorsements….RIGGED

    1. Absolutely. IFT/IEA don’t want candidates who genuinely represent public schools and their communities. They just want candidates who will do Madigan’s bidding, who kiss the rump of the local elected officials. During the interviews with IFT, candidates are asked questions that have nothing to do with education. The interviews are a sham, because “Brother Madigan” has already told them to endorse.

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