Keeping retirement real. Right wingers, Trump and the need for differentiated blogging.

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When I was teaching one of the fads that swept through the nation like this winter’s flu was differentiated instruction.

Like many education fads, the idea was based on some common sense truth that most of us already knew.

The truth part of differentiated instruction was that in a room of 25 or 30 students, each student is an individual human person. People learn in different ways, at a different pace, often based on different interests and past experience – what they bring with them when they walk in the classroom door.

Left to professional development hucksters and district curriculum bureaucrats, this common sense idea was turned into – ironically – a set of one-size-fits-all rules.  It needed to be simplified to put into a power point and then into a teacher evaluation rubric.

I recall a first grade teacher coming into my room all upset because the principal had observed her and wrote up a bad evaluation because she was reading a book aloud to her entire class, part of the district-directed curriculum. She had failed, the principal wrote, to differentiate her instruction.

Which brings me to this news.

White House aides to the President have found it necessary to make his daily briefings oral reports. They have adopted differentiated instruction for Trump.

Trump doesn’t read.

If you have read this blog for a long time then you have noticed that since I retired from my job as an art teacher I post a lot of drawings.

I do a bunch every day and I post one to share.

I love cartoons. I believe that they are a high art and I don’t pretend to be all that good. Like the blog itself, I do it for the personal satisfaction it gives me and then hope it makes a difference.

What you may not know is that I have a small cohort of right-wingers who send me comments almost daily. They are always anonymous, of course. They can be very personal, racist and homophobic.

I trash them.

What I have noticed as I do more drawings is that the right-wingers are tending to only comment on the drawings. Not the commentaries I write.

Like Trump, they apparently don’t like to read.

I wonder if my old Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning (Yes. That was her title.) would consider this differentiated blogging.




4 thoughts on “Keeping retirement real. Right wingers, Trump and the need for differentiated blogging.

  1. Sarah Palin got nailed for being stupid. Why is Trump getting away with knowing nothing? I guess we’re supposed to worship the new ignorance.
    Did Donald Trump just lie about reading a book?
    BY JULIA GLUM ON 12/7/17 AT 9:46 AM
    …Tony Schwartz, who ghostwrote Trump’s 1987 business memoir The Art of the Deal, said he never spotted a book in the billionaire’s home or office during the year and a half he was shadowing him.

    “I seriously doubt that Trump has ever read a book straight through in his adult life,” Schwartz told The New Yorker.

    Trump himself seemed to confirm this in an interview with Megyn Kelly. After he revealed his favorite book was All Quiet on the Western Front, Trump admitted he only read “passages,” “areas” and “chapters” of books because he didn’t have time…

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